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Newport Record

Haight Store 07.JPG


By Diana Hott

            There was a time in the late 1800s and the early part of the 20th century that Newport was a thriving population center booming with stores and industries.

            In 1897-98 Newport even supported her own newspaper, named the Newport Record.  It was published and edited by Arthur N. Dowling.  Subscription price was 50 cents a year, payable in advance, and a single copy was one penny!

            Much of the 6 page weekly was given over to advertising, and from those merchants listed practically every purchase [that] could be made in one of the Newport stores.

            John Lauer’s Harness Shop was on Greene St.  Also on Greene were Dilly and Garretson Contractors.  Builders and Cabinet work.  J.L. Yonally, Jeweler, advertised repair of watches, clocks and jewelry.

George W. Haight was proprietor of the 5 and 10 cent store.  W.S. Gano had a general store.  R. Hanna, in Bevan, bought a large space to advertise fruit and ornamental trees.  J. E. Snodgrass had the Central Hotel, with a livery stable attached.  W. H. Kesselring was contractor and rig builder.

            C.L. Rea also had a livery stable, with boarding horsed advertised in addition.  B.C. Edgell was proprietor of the Newport Bakery.  The Bevan Brothers in Milltown urged everyone buy their felt or knot boots.  The Newport Mill manufactured “Victor” flour.

            Doctors Gale and Eddy, Dr. J.M. McElhinney and Dr. W.W. Warren bought ads in the Newport Record, and Floyd M.Gano advertised himself as funeral director and embalmer.  L.C. Cree sold millinery.  And there was the Newport Daily Meat market.

            A small ad reads “Send 10 cents silver for a copy of The Newport Hymnal 29 pieces, some old some new, with paper cover, Address editor.” - Extracted from "Footprints"

Haight Store



            Mr. Haight is a native of Tyler County, West Virginia, but has lived in this place from childhood up and has always held a prominent position in commercial circles, having been engaged in the retail grocery and provisions line for the past twenty years.  He has just erected a new building 22 X 60 feet which is perhaps the finest retail grocery room in the entire county.  The entire front is large plate glass.  In this room everything exhibits neatness and cleanliness.  The stock embraces fine and fancy groceries, provisions, fine hand picked and garden grown tea spices, flavorings, notions, cutlery, glassware, a large and varied stock of patent medicines.  Candies, cigars, tobaccos, and everything in home and table supplies.

            Mr. Haight was on the river steam boating for twelve years and held various commissions in that capacity. He is much identified with commercial affairs and is among the most energetic merchants of this section of the county.

            George W. Haight served with Co. F. 85th O.V.I. born 1843 died 1916 married Annie M. Hunter born 1846 died 1937.  They have five children.

James Edgar Haight born 1867 died 1918

Harrie Wood Haight born August 6, 1866 died November 10, 1867, 1yr 3mon 4dys

Gale Haight born December 18, 1870 died March 24, 1875 4yrs 3mon 6dys

Lee J.

Ada born 1876 died 1960 married Frank Kerr on October 31, 1899. He was born in 1874 died 1951 They had two children (Frank’s  parents were James and Hattie Jewell Kerr.)


Norman Eldon born September 10, 1907 in Williamstown, WV died September 26,1972 married Beatrice Porter on August 18, 1931.  She was born on January 13, 1905 died November 26. 1989.  They had one son

1. Timothy H.

Mr. Kerr was a graduate of Marietta High School, Class of 1925.  He was an engineer inspector in Columbus.  A member of American Union Lodge No. 1, FSAM and Sigma Chi Fraternity.  A member of Newport Methodist Church.  He owned the Marietta Country Club before coming back to Newport.  They are both buried at Newport Cemetery

2. Dean died 1970.