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1937 Flood Photos, continued

The photo with small buildings and trees without leaves is Newport, and in the background is the mouth of Greens Run in W. Va.  The hill on the right of Greens Run is the upriver side of Vaucluse Hill.  The water surrounding the buildings and trees is the 1937 flood. 

The two men in the skiff to the left of the tree in the Valentine yard appear to be Harley Torner at the oars and Norris Torner standing. 

The photo with two men in a skiff and two men n a roof, are probably Norris and Harley Torner in the skiff.  Norris and Grandpa owned the skiff and it is the skiff I learned to use when I started my life on the river.  The object at the left of the photo is the temper screw on a standard rig used for drilling oil wells.  One of the men on the roof is Billy Bosworth a retired steamboat engineer that I knew and who got me interested in steamboating.

The man in the lower left side of the picture is Harley Torner and the pickup truck behind him is a 1937 model truck.  The boat is the same U. S. Coast Guard that is floating over Greene Street in front of the Kerr Store and home.  I do not see any other Torners in the photo.