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Greenwood Dairy & The Jug

The Greenwood Dairy



By Jim Greenwood

            My grandfather, Junius Greenwood had a large dairy farm. My father, William, continued this line of work.  I remember him delivering milk first with a horse and buggy, later with a 1937 Ford pick-up and a 1940 Ford pick-up.  He delivered milk twice a day.  During the war (WWII) he delivered milk once a day.

            Dad and my brother Sam and I put in the plant to pasteurize milk in 1954.  We had a herd of 40 Guernsey cows. 

            We bought milk from other farmers. Don and Dick Brown, David and John Thornily and Milton Haynes.

            We named our business the Golden Guernsey Dairy.  We had working for us: Erie O’Neal, Ronnie Bush, and Tom Bleakley worked in the plant. 

            We had two trucks.  I delivered to the New Matamoras area on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to Newport and St. Mary’s. 

            Donald O’Neal delivered the milk to Marietta, this was door to door.  We missed deliveries one day because of the big snow in 1950.

            Every spring the Newport Grade School children toured the dairy for a field trip.  We sold the business to Sealtest in 1962.  I continued to deliver milk for Sealtest until 1971.  In 1965, my wife Shirley and I built our new home on a section of the Greenwood farm.  We have two children, Jane Ann and Chris.

Guersey Jug[1].jpg

The Jug

THE JUG - Sam and Vera Greenwood are the owners of The Jug. It started operation in 1955. The Jug was built in 1955 by William Greenwood. "Footprints"

The Jug.JPG

The Jug Today