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Three Brothers Island


Three Brothers Island, named in honor of the Briscoe brothers, who are said to have taken tomahawk claims on them in about 1783.   The first Brother Island lies close to the main shore at Belmont, WV, and the separating channel has so filled that now it is really a part of the mainland. 

            The Second Brother Island, commonly known of Broadhead because of the wide sandy bar which almost blocks the river in low water lies well out in midstream.  The boat channel being on the Ohio side.

            The third Brother Island located also well out in the river, perhaps owes its existence to McElroy Run, and Willow Island which nestles close to the shore about a mile below, is perhaps a creation of Cow Creek.

            The soil is very fertile on the islands.  They are especially adapted to growing peaches and small fruits.

            Tomahawk claims each comprising from one hundred to four hundred acres roughly guessing at.  And marked by hacking trees on the corners with hatchets or tomahawk, whence came the name.  Valid titles were given by the government.

            In 1885, the government constructed a dam, extending from the shore just below the mouth of French Creek to the head of Second Brother Island or Broadhead Island at work that gave employment to quite a number of laborers.

            The dam was very strongly constructed, composed of huge blocks of stone laid between large timbers.  The object being to compel a greater flow of water to the west side of the island, scouring out and deepening the steam boat channel.  There was so much silt to be deposited in the still water below the dam that First Brother Island is no longer an island in ordinary stages of the river the old channel being now part of a corn field. "Footprints"