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Post Office at Bell's Run


BELL’S RUN The tenth and last post office in the spacious township of Newport also had the shortest existence of any Washington County office. The office was established on May 8, 1901, at the head of Bell’s Run in the southwest corner of Section 17 near the crossroads. Martha A. Maxon was the postmaster and the office named “Maxon Post Office.” The Maxon family was represented as early as 1788 in Washington County. Henry Maxon who was a member of the first 47 men to arrive April 7 of that year. Maxon Post Office was in operation only four months when discontinued on September 14, 1901, and the patrons then served by Gracey Post Office, three miles north of Lawrence Township. The reason for the brief existence of Maxon Post Office is not known nor are there any cards or letters seen cancelled Maxon, Ohio. There may not have been any mail dispatched.