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My name is Con Mobley and my great great grand father, Levi Mobley and his wife Sarah Ritchey, died and are buried in Newport.

My family was quite involved in the early history of Washington Co., particularly around the Newport area.  My great grandfather, John Brice Mobley, his younger brother Samuel and their brother in law, Sumner Bosworth where land speculating in that area in the 1840's. Sumner was married to Michal Ann (Mycha) Mobley, younger sister of John Brice. Sumner owned a cooperage shop on the north road out of Newport. Samuel Mobley was apprenticed to Sumner to learn the coopers trade.

Samuel was married to Dorcas Dana.

My great grand father, John Brice Mobley was married firstly; to Lucy Anne Pratt, daughter of Elisha and Rachel Morris.

He married secondly Elizabeth Dana, daughter of Rev. Alfred Dana and Ann Tulley Pratt.

My grand father, George Gale Mobley was born around Lowell or Waterford. As you have information on your site about a Dr. George Gale I am beginning to suspect a connection some where to the Gale family.

As you well know the common practice was to carry to family names into the following generations.


So we are closely connected to the these Washington County families such as the Dana, Greene, Pratt, Bosworth, Ritchey, Morris , Brice and Tulley to name a few.

If you would like to check out our web site it is Mobley Family



Con Mobley

Armstrong , B.C. Canada