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Business 1993



Name                                       Location                       Proprietors

Abicht’s Market                     St. Rt. 7                       Dean and Bonnie Abicht

B&J Carryout                          St. Rt. 7                       Bernard and Janet Martin

Babcock Lumber                     County 244                  Manager Joe Colyer

Binegar Lumber                       St. Rt. 7                       Shane Binegar

Binegar Used Cars                  St. Rt. 7                       Jimmy Binegar

E.B. Brown Machine Shop    Greene St.                    Eddie Brown

Carna’s Beauty Shop             Harris St.                      Carma Board

Carlton Oil                               Newport Pike               Danny Thompson

Car Wash                                 St. Rt. 7                       Buckie Lee

Comb-on-in Salon                  St. Rt. 7                       Sandra Earley Binegar

Country Cuts                          County 244                  Jonie Reese

Duke and Dutchess               St. Rt. 7                      

Edgar Construction               County 25                    Howard Edgar

Frontier Insurance                 Greene Street               Tom Perrine

Gary’s Auto Sales                  St. Rt. 7                       Gary Grose

Graham’s Junk yard               Sheets Run Road          Tom Graham

Hassley’s Lumber                  Sheets Run Road          Norman Hassley

                                                  &Rt. 7

Harris Concrete Finisher       Maple Street                Richard Harris

Hearn Construction               Reynolds Run Road      Charlie Hearn

IGA Grocery                            St. Rt. 7                       Caryle Buckie Lee

Jug                                            St. Rt. 7                       Sam Greenwood

Joy Exterminators                    Harris St.                      George Joy

Ken-Mac Lumber Co.              County 244                  Kenneth and Mac Hassley

KCQuilting                               St. Rt. 7                       Virginia Smith

King Barber Shop                    Greene St.                    Rodney King

King Beauty Shop                   Greene St.                    Julie King

Martin Auto Repair                 St. Rt. 7                       Gene Martin

Mendenhall’s Upholstery      Dana’s Run Rd.            Opal Mendenhall

Mendenhall Junk Yard            County 25                    Blaine Mendenhall

Morris Welding                        County 25                    Leroy Morris

Newport Lumber                      Dye Street                    John and Richard Hendricks

Oopsa Daisy Florist                 St. Rt. 7                       Sandra Binegar

Ohio River Wholesale

Lumber                                       County 24

Peoples Bank                            St. Rt. 7

Pryor Beauty Shop                   St. Rt. 7                       Ruth Pryor

Riverview Auto Shop              St. Rt. 7

Rutherford Heating &

Air Conditioning                                                           William Rutherford

Penny Shear Design                Harris Street                 Penny Rutherford

Smitley Construction                Dye Street                    D. P. Smitley

Spinning Wheel                        St. Rt. 7

Thomas Auto Repair               Greene St.                    Jeff Thomas

Van Wey Pressure Cleaning    Maple Street                Danny Van Wey

West Custom Quilting            County 244                  Joyce West

Wise Choice                             Stanley Street               Teri Wise