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Progress In Newport


From the Marietta, Ohio, Times

By Mrs. Frederick Nott

Newport Correspondent


            Progress is evident in the scenic Ohio River village of Newport.  Twenty-five years of growth represent conspicuous change. 

            Improvement of the old as well as expansion by the new illustrates the way of culture and civilization.

            Church, school, and business projects are among the progressive advancements of the Newport community which has doubled its size in population during this period. 

                                                            Newport Methodist Church

            The Newport Methodist Church, built in 1866, has recently taken on a new look achieved by sand blasting the old bricks.

            Two lounges, a kitchen, and two balcony classrooms have been added for convenience and necessity.

             A new altar set and candelabra enhanced by a background of purple velvet draperies replace the old picturesque wall painting of the ascent and entrance to heaven.

            A new Hammond electric organ has been purchased. A baby grand piano has been donated by the late church organist, Miss Mary Ethel Hays.

            Re-carpeting completes the new picture of the church which will soon celebrate its one-hundredth anniversary.

                                                            Newport Schools

            School enrollment has increased to the extent that an annex to the grade school building was necessary to provide space for classrooms

            A library has been added to the high school, a band has been organized, and a new gymnasium has been built.

                                                            Harris Super Market

            Progress in business is well demonstrated by the Harris Super Market located at Route 7 and Greene Street.

            In 1944, the business originated with a gasoline station plus a small grocery store, and in 1960 developed into an independently owned and operated super market.

This super market is known to the river men as the “Boat Store.”  Waiting at the river’s edge is “The Ranger,” equipped with a two-way radio making possible contact with the river boats.  Orders radioed to the Ranger’s owner and pilot, E.A. Harris, are delivered “boat to boat” in the river.

            The store is modern in every respect and displays the only automatic change machine in this area.  A glowing neon sign, “Harris Super Market,” extends across the entire front.

            Newport is truly proud of its new market and the owners, Eugene A. and Kermit, Harris.

                                                            Newport Lumber Company

            The Newport Lumber Co. is a thriving business located on Dye at Greene Street.  Ralph Hendricks owns and operates this enterprise and has remodeled and expanded during the past year.  The same company is operating successfully in Marietta at the present time. 


            A new Laundromat is located on Route 7 above Greene St.  The owner is Dr. Robert Rudolph of Marietta.  He has provided a modern convenience for which Newport residents are grateful.

                                                            Crago Oil Well

            With in the past 25 years, an oil well  drilled by William Harris on the Crago farm marked a new depth in oil-well drilling and production not equaled today in this locality. 

                                                            Milk Plant and Dairy Bar

            Greenwood’s modern milk plant with newly equipped pasteurization devices furnished milk for Newport and surrounding areas until recent months. 

            The Dairy Bar is owned and operated by the Greenwood Farm.

                                                            Roadside Markets

            Two roadside markets display a variety of farm products.

            The D and B Market is new within the past year and is named for its owners, Dean and Bonnie Abicht.

            The Bayless Farm Market is operating successfully under the management of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Bayless.

                                                            Lumber Companies

            Two large lumber companies are operating in the Newport area.  The U. S. Hardwood Corp. and the Haessly Hardwood Lumber Co. both have furnished employment and progressive interests in Newport for the past five years.

                                                            Service Stations

            Five new service stations are operating in Newport.

            The Sinclair, the Sterling, the Sunoco, the Sohio, and the Ashland are managed by Frank Crumpley, Earl Rouse, Cecil McCoy, Dave Hendershot, and John Vannoy respectively.

            A new Tractor Sales and Service is owned and operated by Ernest Dye at Bells Run.

                                                            Beauty Salon

            Five beauty salons began operation during the last 25 years in the Newport community.  They are Gail’s Beauty Salon, Cameron’s Imie’s Lura’s, and the B and M Beauty Salon. 

                                                            Newport Nursing Home

            The Newport Nursing Home accommodates 17 patients.  It is owned and operated by Mrs. Lora McCall.

                                                            Housing Projects

            Many housing projects have busied the building contractors.  The Riggs Sub-division, the Milltown Community, and the Greenwood Addition have added numerous modern and attractive homes to the Newport village.