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Rev. G. I. Wilson


Rev. G. I. Wilson Pastor Emeritus At 1st Presby.

Newspaper dated Tuesday Evening, January 18, 1949

            The Rev. Gill I. Wilson, D. D., retiring pastor of the First Presbyterian church, after serving the congregation for 30 years, was made pastor emeritus by the congregation at the annual congregational meeting Sunday morning.

            A resolution read by Herbert S. Boreman, said in part, “In recognition of the thirty years of faithful, loyal and untiring service rendered by Rev. Gill I. Wilson, and of his effort beyond the call of duty, of his great sympathy and understanding, of his unending love and devotion to the ministry, of his sincerity, his magnificent work in this church, in this and other communities, his teaching and example, his high moral concepts and his noble Christian life and character, this congregation is proud to extend an invitation to Reverend Wilson to become pastor emeritus of this church, at the termination of his active service.”

            Mr. Boreman told the group, that “Perhaps at times we have not appeared to appreciate the fact that our own minister was one who kept abreast of the changing times, who devoted more of his time and effort to hose various matters pertaining to the ministry than should be expected or required of any man; one whose high moral purpose and sincerity could never be in doubt; one who has been a leader in thought and who has taught by precept and example.”

            Following the talk by Mr. Boreman, the congregation held its annual election naming John Hughes and Dr. C. S. Lytle as elders; George Oiler and Dr. Ray H. Wharton as deacons and Henry Ruf as trustee.