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Newport's Population


Newport’s Population 1,883 Census Shows

From an undated newspaper article (1990?)

Newport—Preliminary census report figures give Newport a total population of 1,883 consisting of 1,015 in Upper Newport and 868 in Lower Newport.

Figures show there are a total of 630 housing units.  Of this number 370 are in Upper Newport with 260 in Lower Newport.

Upper Newport includes the territory between Newell’s Run (right side) to Davis Run.  Lower Newport includes the territory between Newell’s Run (left side) to Hensler’s Market and No. 9.

Final Day of School

Wednesday was the final day or school for seniors of Frontier High School.  This morning the seniors met at the school gymnasium for graduation practice and taking of pictures for the yearbook. 

Baccalaureate services will be at 8 p.m. Sunday in the Frontier High School auditorium.

                                    Fire Department Reports

An important meeting of the Volunteer Firemen will be held on Tuesday, June 2, at 7:30 p.m. in the Fire Department Hall.  All members are requested to be present.

                                    Soft Ball Tourney

The soft ball tournament is now underway.  Newport plays Plauche Insurance in the finals Saturday, May 30, at noon, on Hadley Field at the fairgrounds.

                                    Amici Class Meets

The Amici Class of the Newport United Methodist Church met Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Rhoda Hendricks.

Present were Mrs. Mary Hughes, Mrs. Effie Edgar, Mrs. Edith Sillaman, Mrs. Mary Leister, Mrs. Hilda Heeter, Mrs. Pearl Hendricks, Mrs. Neva Nash, Miss Freda Hendricks, Mrs. Francis Dimit, Miss Mary Heeter, Mrs. Hazel Greenwood, Mrs. Marian Dougherty, Mrs. Lorraine Stephens, Mrs. Hazel Hoff, Mrs. Cora Whaley, Mrs. Ruth Hoff, Mrs. Anna O’Neil, Mrs. Wanda Brake, Mrs. Lucy Brown, Mrs. Beulah Lauer, Mrs. Emma Eddy, Mrs. Altha Haynes, and Mrs. Rhoda Hendricks.


Miss Freda Hendricks and Mr. and Mrs. David Edgar of Newport and Mr. and Mrs. John Hendricks of Marietta were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Snow and daughter Susan in Eatlake [Eastlake?]. 

Mrs. Elsie Mullens, Adrian, W. Va. and Mrs. Ruby Scott, of Marietta, were Wednesday visitors at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Pat Brake.