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Chambers Family History


Chambers Family History

By W. M. Brown—The spelling, capitalization, and punctuation is as recorded by W. M. Brown.

            The first Chambers to come to the U.S.A. came to Philadelphia about the time it was first settled. Ben Chambers moved from Philadelphia to the Chambersburg district in 1634 and took up land there and laid out the town of Chambersburg in 1664.  They have quite a large monument erected to him as the first settler.  I got this information from Helen Brown when she and Florence (her daughter) made a tour to the east through this town.  Mother said John Chambers stopped at Chambersburg before he came to the Brown farm near Reas Run about 1783 or a little later. 

            John Chambers—One of the first settlers of Washington County.  Emigrated to America between 1783 and 1799, Had nine sons.  Married Anne Grear.  Came from CountyDown, Ireland. Died in 1823.

            William Chambers—Older brother of John Chambers, Sr., settled in Lawrence township about 1810.   A younger sister emigrated from Ireland at the same time.   She became the wife of Hugh Wilson of Arelious township. 

            John Chambers (above) One of the early and probably the first settlers in Lawrence township before Newport township was organized.  At that time Lawrence and Ludlow townships were included in Newport.  This was before the survey.  Born probably about 1760.  Died in 1823.  Was the Great Grandfather of this writer.  Came from County Down Ireland.  County History says he came to his home on the mouth of Chambers run, North side of the Muskingdom Creek.  Short distance below Cow Run, in 1798, or 1799.  He lived two years at the mouth of Sacket Run in Ludlow township in 1796.

            Anna Grear Chambers lived to be 104 years old.  She was Scotch.  Her brother was a Congregational Minister around Marietta at the time she lived at Chambers Run, Lawrence. Twp.

            John Chambers (above) built the first grist and saw mill on the Little Muskingdom River, also the first church of any kind.  Any denomination could use this church when they wanted it. (page 678, Washington County History)  According to the memory of my Grandfather Joseph Chambers, John Chambers Sr. came from Philadelphia to around Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and from their down the Ohio River on a Keil Boat and landed at the J. Henson, Walter Brown Farm ½ mile up river from Reas Run, He built his first log house about 200 feet above Broom Run on the river bank built the second house of log a short distance from the first. He left this locality to go to Sackett Run on the Little Muskingdom Creek.  He complained that the river pirates robed him of his corn, hogs and other goods. 

            The Chambers were Scotch probably came to Ireland when Scotland conquered Ireland’s seven counties in the North  They claimed, according to my mother, to be descendants from the Stewarts, Scotch Kings before they married into English Royal Family.  My mother, Mary Elizabeth Chambers said that John Chambers collected a small amount from a large estate in Scotland after coming to this country. The estate was entailed down to the 14th generation.  The amount collected was so small that it did not pay to collect.  John Chambers being about the sixth or seventh generation, I saw an article in a magazine several years ago that described this estate.  Don’t remember the names or dates. 

            Joseph Chambers—said that he was born on the Brown Farm.  I think he said he was the fifth son of John Chambers.  His father lived here about 15 years.  He was born in 1806 He said he was 6 years old when they left the Brown Farm and he knew Charles French as a small boy.  Living on the one time Allison Farm I remember Charles French when I was about 10 or 12 years old.  He was a very old man at the time.  (W.M. Brown)

            Lucy Chambers—taught school a short time.

Nancy Chambers taught school at St. Mary’s W. Va. Several terms before she married James Steal of Baricksville, W. Va. He was a flour miller.  Nancy and Dr. Joe Chambers both are buried at Baricksville W. Va.

(Page 150 Washington County History)  Chambers War History Muster Roll—Captain Joe B. Daniels Company.  First Regiment, Third Brigade, Seventh Division Volunteer.  Militia Co. by Major O. Burnet, Oatis J. Chambers, Non-commissioned officer, cavalry, aged twenty years.  He was a private soldier.  John Chambers, Salmon Chambers Third generation  War 1861 to 1865.  Marietta township.  William Chambers aged 23, Veteran Sept. 1862.  Three years Service.  Seventh Calvary, Company H.  Discharged Jan. 1863.  Elias Chambers Age 21, volunteered 1862.  For three years.  Regiment 92, Company F. Private 20 years of age.  Harmer, First Company.  Salmon Chambers 2 years as sergeant.  Aged 26, Volunteered October 1861.  Three Yrs. Service, First Cavalry, Company L served 4 years.  1862-1865. A reestablished Veteran, Otis J. and Danial T. Chambers Jan 8, 1864 three years.  service thirty-ninth regiment company 13 Mustered out July 9, 1865.  Chambers War Record according to County History.  (Page 273 Washington County History)

Page 2


First Bank at Harmer, First Corporation in the State of Ohio which excirsized banking powers.  Was chartered Feb. 10, 1808.  As the Bank of Marietta.  The Directors names were Rufus Putnam, Pres. Gen G. Gillman, Will Skinner Paul Faring Dudley Woodridge, Earl Sporate, Dvid Putnam.  First cashier in the stone building in Harmer, a short distance above the dam.  In 1812 the bank was moved to Marietta side of the river.  Occupied a one story building on Front Street.  Lot above the First Congregational Church.  At this time David Putnam resigned his chairmanship and chairmanship was succeeded by David S. Chambers about 1812 to 1813.  In 1815 William Henderson was cashier.  In 1816 the state extended the charter, to 1843.  When business as suspended at the end of the charter.  The first bank vault was constructed in the building.  Was removed in 1833 from the old building.  Safe, a heavy plank chest, barred with iron and secured by heavy padlocks.  Now a relic in the possession of the Bank of Marietta.  1860 (Page 373, Co History) for further information read Co. History.  Samuel Chambers volunteered in the war 1761[1861?]-1865 Volunteered Jan, 18, 1864 for three years.  Thirty-ninth Regiment.  Company B Private mustered out July 9, 1864.  Page 565 County History)  John Chambers, trustee, Newport township.  Jacob Middleswart and S. Hervy 1839-1841

It looks as if there is some mistake about the dates as Joe Chambers was around 6 years old at the time they left the Brown Farm. They would have arrived at Sacett Run about 1811 or 1812.  If the county History is right they would have come to the Brown Farm in 1783.  John Chambers was a squatter when on the Brown Farm in Independence Township.  He had no patent right for land as it was not surveyed. 

Joe Chambers said that they left the Brown Farm at Reas Run when he was 5 or 6 years old.  That would be 1811 when they arrived at Wingett Run. They lived for 2 years in Lawrence township before moving to Chambers Run in Lawrence township.  John Chambers lived 15 years at the Brown Farm before he left.

I have heard Old Dr. McElhinney tell stories about trips on rafts.  John Chambers floated down the little Muskingdom Creek and Ohio River as far as Cincinnati.  He laughed about them saying that they had to have whiskey so that they could see further in the fog. 

The Mill was a straight saw hung on a frame run by a water wheel.  Grists were also ground by stone burrs.  By the same power.  (Water)

William Chambers older brother of John Chambers arrived from North Ireland in 1910 [1810?].  He settled across the creek from Chambers Run.  He had 2 daughters and 2 sons.  One daughter was Mary A. West.  One son James P. Chambers was a surveyor.  He surveyed land without instruments.  He was very accurate at this. 

One sister not named, came across with Will Chambers, she married Hugh Wilson of Arelious Twp.

James G. Chambers sone of John Chambers was distinguished for having a high temper.  He was a captain in the Army of 1812.

William Chambers A younger brother was killed by lightning at the age of 17 years. 

Joseph Chambers My Grand father, married Matilda McElhinny  She was Joseph (Dr.) McElhinny’s sister, Matilda lived on part of John Chambers farm until 1850 when they moved to Harmer, later to Marietta.  Next lot north of Citizens Bank, on 2nd Street, Marietta, Ohio.  He was first a farmer and sawmill hand in his fathers mill, later a carpenter at Fort Knox Boat yard.

Joseph Chambers children were; Lucy Chambers, born 1838 died about 1858.  She died from Typhoid.  Mary Elizabeth born 1840, died Nov, 7, 1912.  Nancy D. Chambers, and Dr. Joseph Chambers.  He was one of the first dental surgeons in Marietta.

Mary E. Chambers.  My mother was a school teacher started teaching 1855 at Reas Run.  Then she taught at Marietta for 2 terms.  She also taught at Leith Run or Center Valley In 1866 she married Walter Brown 3rd.