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Drs. McElHinney

History of Washington County 1890-1891

Joseph M. McElHinney, M. D. a physician and Surgeon the subject of this sketch is an Irishman by birth. He was born in Londonderry, Ireland on April 16, 1824, Came to America with his parents in 1831. They stopped one year in Pittsburgh and came to Ohio in 1832. They located in Lawrence Township, Washington County, Ohio on the Little Muskingum. Here the doctor secured his education in public schools. He attained such proficiency that he taught his first school at the age of eighteen. This vocation he followed for seven years, and then moved to the village of Newport in 1848.

There he still taught for six more years, and then chose the medical profession as one of his choice, and read medicine under the directions of that eminent physician Dr. J. R. Buchanan now of Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. McElHinney attended the Cincinnati Eclectic Medical College and graduated in the class of 1850 with Honors. The doctor's two sons, Joseph and Francis, became physicians and are located at New London, Ohio where they secured a good practice.

The doctor's parents were good old Scotch Presbyterians, and organized and taught the first Sabbath school that was organized at Little Muskingum, Lawrence Township, Washington County, Ohio. The doctor is one of our most successful resident physicians.

He died September 4, 1906. He served in the Volunteer Army in 1864.

He married 1st Arabella Ross Hannold born June 6, 1821 near Strattonville, Pennsylvania. They came to Ohio in the spring of 1840. She died March 6, 1892. They had three children.
From: William's History of Washington County, Ohio 1788-1881, page 565c

Joseph H. McElHinney was a Physician and surgeon of Hills, Ohio born in Newport, Ohio. He was educated in Newport, Marietta and Cincinnati.

Advertisement in 1885 Washington Co. paper

--PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, HILLS, Washington County, Ohio--Office-Near Peter Becker's. July 15-6m

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Mrs. Arabella McElHinney


Civil War Diary of Dr. J.H. McElHinney


McElHinney Diary

 (Joseph H. Mc ElHinney was born Oct. 13, 1850. He was twelve years old in 1862 when he commenced to write this diary.)

This is a Civil War era diary, written by a young boy.  It measures approx. (6" x 7 1/2") and has (112) pages of entries in fairly well written period brown ink.  The covers are marbled board.  The entries are for almost every day, starting on August 17, 1862 until January 30, 1864.  Written on the inside of the front cover is "DIARY OF J. C. McELHINNEY - NEWPORT, WASHINGTON CO., OHIO - COMMENCING AUG. 17, 1862 - ENDING DEC. 31, 1869".  Although the pages are all hand dated until 1869, they end on January 30, 1864.  Written by a young boy, the family living in Newport, close to the river.  Great perspective into every day life during the Civil War.  He does many things on an almost daily basis:  HUNTS, GATHERS NUTS, PLAYS BALL, WATERS THE HORSES, GOES TO THE POST OFFICE, ETC.  He mentions the names of many family members, friends and towns people.  He and his family have a boat and travel the river (especially to Marietta) and travel to surrounding towns.  The entries sometimes are short and sometimes more descriptive of his daily activities.  He goes hunting a lot with his uncle and some family friends.  He chops wood and makes some money from doing chores for towns people.  He attends Sunday School on a regular basis.  Some entries include:  AUG. 26, 1862-RODE HORSE TO WATER AND WENT TO THE BOAT TO SEE THE SOLDIERS - SEPT. 3, 1862-THERE WAS A COMPANY OF SOLDIERS COME TO NEWPORT AND I HELPED GEO. GREENWOOD AND WISLY CRANDALL AND HENRY BOSWORTH GET A STRAY FOR THE SOLDIERS - SEPT. 4, 1862-WENT DOWN TO THE CAMP TO SEE THE MEN AND THEY BROUGHT A SICK SOLDIER UP TO OUR HOUSE, MR. MOSS - I SAW THE SOLDIERS SHOT AT A MARK AND DRILL TWO OF THEM HIT THE MARK - SEPT. 5, 1862-I SAW THEM DRILL IN THE CHURCH YARD, WATERED THE HORSE, WENT DOWN TO THE CAMP TO SEE THE SOLDIERS PLAY AND SAW THE ELEPHANT AND GIANT - SEPT. 6, 1862-SAW MORE DRILLING - SEPT. 7, 1862-SENT TO THE BRIDGE TO SEE SOLDIERS GO AWAY - SEPT. 13, 1862-I WENT TO THE ELECTION OF THE HOME GUARD, PA WAS ELECTED CAPTAIN AND COOK FIRST LIEUTENANT, A. LENARD 2 LIEUT., E. SCOTT 3 LIEUT. - SEPT. 20, 1862-SAW MEN OF HOME GUARD DRILL - OCT. 24, 1862-WENT TO CAMP TO SEE SOLDIERS DRILL, SHOT THE GUN AND THE MARK WITH GEORGE - MAR. 31, 1863-WENT DOWN TOWN, STEPHEN WILLIAMSON CAME HOME FROM THE ARMY AND WAS HERE FOR DINNER - APRIL 15, 1863-MA AND PA ATTENDED THE UNION MASS MEETING AT MARIETTA - JULY 16, 1863-PA WENT TO MARIETTA WITH THE MILITIA - SEPT. 4, 1863-PA WENT TO MARIETTA TO GO TO CAMP ATHENS - DEC. 31, 1863-GOT POWDER AND CAPS.  On the last two pages, the boy has written his name and address many times, both in period ink and pencil.  One of these signatures is dated 1873 and his name has an "M.D." behind it "JOSEPH H. McELHINNEY, MD.  Overall condition is solid.  Very good and clean.  The covers are well attached and the binding is fairly tight.  No major problems.  There is some chipping to the outer spine covering and some wear to the edges of the covers.  The interior pages are nice with no tears or creases.  Thank you.

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J. H. McElHinney Family