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Drs Eddy

Ben and Jane--Anita's photo.jpg

Benjamin and Jane Thompson Eddy


Dr. Isaac Eddy was the son of Benjamin and Jane Thompson Eddy. He was born August 24, 1868. He had four brothers: William Eddy, Dr. A. T. Eddy, G. G. Eddy, and Dr. D. O. Eddy.

Dr. Isaac Eddy attended medical school in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated on April 14, 1897. He began his practice with Dr. George T. Gale before moving to Williamstown, West Virginia in 1900.

He married Sarah Mattie Velon of Marion County. They had two daughters: Mrs. Herbert (Mabel) Jarrett and Mrs. G. S. (Ruby) Stanfield.


Dr. Amaziah Thompson Eddy was the son of Benjamin Jane Thompson Eddy. He was born July 21, 1871 at Bells Run and died on June 10, 1965 at Newport. Dr. Am Eddy was a veterinarian for 60 years. He traveled around the county and West Virginia in his practice.

He lived on Bells Run until 1934, when he moved to Newport. He studied from books. He married Alverda Noland on November 22, 1894. She was born in 1876 and died 1973. They had five children: Philura Eddy, Clarence Eddy, Joseph Eddy, Isaac Eddy, born June 15, 1914 and died June 21, 1914 and Con Eddy, born March 5, 1909 and died November 12, 1912.