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Classes of 1890-1899

1st Consolidated School.jpg

First Consolidated School

All names are given in alphabetical order, not in order of appearance

Nora Ferguson.jpg

Class of 1890

Nora Ferguson

Classes of 1891-92.jpg

Classes of 1891-92

1891 - Della Greene Jardine, Jane Kraft Bevan
1892 - Bonnie Greene Thorniley, Harriett Greene Dana

Class of 1893.jpg

Class of 1993

Class of 1893 - S. Augustus Dana, Lule Dye Barber, Nellie M Edgell, Harry Ferguson, Louise Greene, Douglass, Mildred Hays Bachelder, Cora L. Craft.

Class of 1895.jpg

Class of 1895

Mary Reynolds Styer

Class pict of 1896 97.jpg

Class of 1896-97

Class of 1896- Grace Dana, George C. Greene, Nora Greenwood Epsy, H. Raymond Hays, Henrietta Johnson Sibley, Lila Lauer Alford, Alice Rea Morrison, Sylvia Snodgrass Harris, Effie Stewart Rea

Class of 1897 - Olive Claire Greene, Ralph Greene, Garnet Rea Miller

Classes of 1898-99.jpg

Classes of 1898-99

Class of 1898 - Merry Christmas Echols, Clara McGee Swearer, Florence Rea Gardiner

Class of 1899 - Eleanor F. Adkins, Nelle Barkwell Brink, Matie Bly Baker, Fred Doan, M. Rea Gano, Tom Greenwood, Florence Haight Merrill, Carrie Kerr Tennant, George Kesselring, Nelle Lauer Greene
(Not in order)

Class of 1899.jpg

Class of 1899 1.jpg

Class of 1899 2.jpg

Class of 1899 3.jpg