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Classes of 1941-45

Class of 1941-42.jpg

Future Class of 1941

Juniors of 1940

Pupils are listed from the pictures beginning with the top row and naming from left to right. Absent pupils are listed last.

Back Row – Robert Riggs, Fred Duffy, Walter Lauer, Earl Williamson, Robert McConnell, Martha Baker, Bertha Roby.

Middle Row – Miss Reckard, Helen L. Thomas, Wanda Kiggins, Mae Francis, Hester Tice, Alberta Eddy, Melba O’Neal, Mary Virginia Hoff, Helen M. Thomas

Front Row – Madeline Schulthiess, Rosamond Dennis, Helen Hearn, Doris Goddard, Alys O’Neal, Betsy Greene, Ruth Abicht, Absent - Donald Scott

Graduating Class of 1941 – Ruth Abicht Beck, Martha Baker Swingler, Rosamond Dennis Hart, Alberta Eddy Shingleton, Mae Francis, Doris Goddard Voti, Helen L. Thomas Boswell, Betsy Greene Lallathin, Mary Virginia Hoff Riggs, Wanda Kiggans Arnold, Alys O’Neal Barth, Bertha Toby Harlow, Madeline Schultheis Muntz, Helen Marie Thomas Howell, Fred Duffy, Walter Lauer, Robert Riggs, Earl Williamson, Robert McConnell

Class of 1942-43.jpg

Future Classes of 1942-43

Sophomores and Freshmen of 1940

Pupils are listed from the pictures beginning with the top row and naming from left to right. Absent pupils are listed last.

Back Row - Sophomores – Gladys Knopp,  Elwanda Binegar, Beryl Wheeler, Pauline Holter, Bernard Gale, Dean Riggs, Ethel Hoff, Mary Collins, Virginia Lauck, Theresa Valentine

Second Row – Miss Baesel, Wilma Binegar, Neva Lauck, James A. Berga, DeWaye Francis, Norman Hartshorn, Paul Williamson, Homer Edgell, Hilda Kirkbride, Mary Bush, Florence Wickham, Dean Mendenhall, Absent - Thelma Mendenhall

Third Row - Freshmen – Billy Beardmore, Gerald Bleakley (Soph.),  Alva Hartshorn (Soph.), Harold Schultheiss(Soph.), Huey Addlespurger, Warner Exline, Robert Greene, Edna Cline, Evelyn Thomas, Ruth Thomas,  Mr. Mechling, Absent Betty Harris,

Front row – Oscar Hearn, Gerald McGee, Vera Thomas, Martha Abicht, Diane Hoff, Alice Harris, Norma Wallace, [appears to be out of order] Betty Ward, Davis Bayless, Ray Berga, George McGee, Lewis Owens, Clyde Hearn, Dick Riggs, Absent -George Murphy

Graduating Class of 1942 – James Berga, Elwanda Binegar Congleton, Arthur Edgar, Homer Edgell, Norman Hartshorn, Ethel Hoff Goddard, Alice Hoke, Pauline Holter Thiebaut, Hilda Kirkbride Hicklin, Neva Lauck Farley, Virginia Lauck Phelps, Dean Mendenhall, Harold Schultheis, Beryl Wheeler  

Graduating Class of 1943 – David Bayless, Bill Beardmore, Ray Berga, Clyde Hearn, George McGee, Gerald McGee, Dick Riggs, Kenneth Rogers, Martha Abicht Schneider, Angelyn Busch Heddleston, Edna Cline Maki, Alice Harris Chalin, Betty Harris Davis, Diane Hoff Brodel, Emma Murphy Holland, Ruth Thomas Brewley, Vera Thomas Bayless, Norma Wallace Mendenhall, Robert C. Greene, Paul Williamson, Dean Riggs

Newport 1st Grade 1931.jpg

Future Class of 1943

First Grade 1931

Class of 1944-45.jpg

Future Classes of 1944-45

Pupils are listed from the pictures beginning with the top row and naming from left to right. Absent pupils are listed last.

Eighth Grade – Ruth Hoff, Ruth Riggs, Eleanor Powell, Calvin Mendenhall, Homer Kiggans, Dale Berga, Donald Hartshorn, Isaiah Tice, Frank Goddard, Ruth Irene Hoff, Opal Leister, Belle Collins, Virginia Tice, Francis McConnal

Second Row – Mary Baker, Betty Beakley, Dorothy Baker, Dorothy Hays, Gertrude Thomas, Audrey Bayless, Elwanda Martin, Vaughn O’Neal, Kermit Harris, Furl Binegar, Louis Williams, Arthur Harris Robert Becker, Gale Dreyer, Dean Abicht, Absent -Bernard Williamson, Kay Cunningham

Seventh Grade – Miss Reckard, Mr Vickers, Eugene Dye, Bill Thomas, Tommy Beardmore, Paul Eddy, Donley Smith, Perry Kiggans, Dean Berga, Mae Tice, Winona Mendenhall, Lucille Francis, Oleta Exline, Mr. Willis

Front Row- Jean Berga, Rosemary Semon, Imogene McGee, Francis Wickman, Ruth Valentine, Ruby Thomas, Alberta Snyder, Norman VanNoy, Dick Mendenhall, Billy Dana, George Hearn, Virgil Owens, James Hearn, Marvin Mendenhall, Absent - Kenneth Bayless, Ralph Hanes

Graduating Class of 1944 -  Bernard Williamson, Dale Berga, Vaughn O’Neal, Kermit Harris, Howard Dennis, John Schultheis, Robert Porz, Francis McConnell Slider, Ruth Irene Hoff Jones, Ruth Marie Hoff Pethel, Gertrude Thomas Cameron, Eleanor Powell Bules, Virginia Tice Cornell, Mary Baker Wynn, Betty Barnhouse Hesson, Betty Bleakley Berga, Dorothy Hays Thompson. Dean Abicht

Graduating Class of 1945 – Mae Tice Maston, Paul Eddy, Jack Lauck, Dean Berga, James Hearn, Imogene McGee Davis, Evelyn Rogers Young, Christine Bell Thomas, Winona Mendenhall Lane, Richard Mendenhall, Donley Smith, Marvin Mendenhall Thomas Beardmore, George Miller, William Dana, Virgil Owens