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Conner Family


Following are two papers on the Conner Family given here in their entirety submitted by John McClure.


James Conner was born in Pennsylvania in the year of 1805. Sarah Conner, his wife, died in 1850.

Thomas Jason Conner was born Oct. 14, 1841 in Guernsey County, Ohio and died Oct. 27, 1916 at Marietta, Ohio

In 1844 he moved with his father’s family to Washington County, Ohio. His mother died in 1850, leaving a family of nine children of whom Thomas was the seventh. His father kept the children together for three years when the family was broken up; Thomas making his home with an older brother for a few years, after which he went among strangers to work his own way through life.

He carted salt barrel staves from the works to the Ohio River for Thos. Gregory where they were loaded on a flat boat and floated to Pomeroy, Ohio. On one of these trips, Thomas made his first voyage upon the river.

He worked on a farm for Battelle Bros. Also worked for Ebenezer at Newport during the summer and fed cattle at Brim’s during the winter, and attended the Valley School near Newport.

In the fall of 1860 he made a trip to New Orleans on a produce boat run by Battelle Bros. In the spring of 1861 he entered into a partnership with Mr. Stevens to drill wells for oil. He was engaged in that work at Holiday Cove, W. Va. when the civil war began. He enlisted for three years service under the first call for three year men to help defend the Union. He enlisted in Co. B 39 0. V. I. He was sent west with the rank corporal. He was engaged in twenty battles during the term of his enlistment.

At Iuka, Miss., in 1862 he was promoted to sergeant. At Athens, Ala. was reduced to the ranks at his own request, in 1864, as he felt the right belonged to those who reenlisted for three years more, or during the war.


His term of enlistment expired on the 19th day of August, 1864. He was sent from Atlanta, Ga. to Chattanooga, Tenn., was mustered out, and sent home, arriving there August 31st, 1864.

Rev. Geo. Gear, a comrade and member of Co. B relates that, “Tom Conner, as he was called, was a brave soldier, always ready to answer to the call of duty; and tried by his own example to have the boys live upright lives of a soldier.”

In January 1860 he sold 40 acres of land at an advance of $ 2100. (?) owing to the excitement over oil in Newport Township, Ohio. In March he bought an interest in a store located at Newell’s Run, Ohio, at which place later succeeded in getting a post office established.

On the first day of June he was united in marriage to Miss Belle M. Dye, of Lawrence Township. To this union two boys and two girls were born: Alden B. May 4th, 1866, Fannie, April 16, 1867, Friend, Mar 8th, 1869, Nellie, May 9th 1875, Alden died May 10th 1867.

In 1866 he sold the store and leased a farm near Williamsport (?) Williamstown, W.Va; lived there two years, and bought a farm at Moss Run, Ohio. Engaged in farming until 1873 when he sold out, and reentered the mercantile business at Moss Run.

In 1874 he bought the store of J. P. Campbell at Cow Run, and moved there, where he continued in business with S. S. McGee, and later with J. F. Hervey until July 1884; bought Hervey out and continued the business alone until December 1884, when the store burned with a loss of about $3,000 above insurance.

During the time spent in Lawrence Township, he held the office of Trustee for three years, and the office of Treasurer one term; President of the Board of Education two terms, and was post master at Cow Run.

On August 4th, 1881 his wife died. He continued to keep house, his niece doing the


housework. On February 28th 1883, he was united in marriage to Eleanora Hune, of Lawrence, Ohio. To this union six children were born. Harry H, 12/31/1883; Maude, Sept 12th 1885, Carrie, July 24th 1887, Mabel, May 4th, 1889, Clyde, November 6th, 1891, Dean, March 10th 1894. Dean died July 25th 1894.

In 1883 he bought the farm of Moffit Dye.

In the fall of 1883 he was elected County Treasurer which office he held for two terms, after which he returned to the farm where he lived until 1909, when he moved to Marietta, Ohio.

In 1896 (?) during the campaign in regard to monetary values, he cast his vote with the Democratic party, where he continued to stand, reserving the right to cast his vote for the man of his choice regardless of politics. In 1898 he was placed on the Democratic ticket as candidate for Treasurer, made a good run, but was defeated.

In church work he united with the M. E. Church at Williamstown, W. Va. in 1867; was transferred to the Congregational church at Moss Run. After moving to Cow Run was transferred to Cow Run Congregational church. Owing to removal of the residents that church discontinued. Reunited with the M. E. church at Cow Run. After removing to Marietta, he united with the M. E. Church at Norwood.

In October 1915 a small lump appeared under his left armpit which continued to develop into a lymphatic cancer. No doctor would attempt an operation. All that medical science and loving hands could do to relieve his sufferings was done. He passed beyond at 11:15, October 27th, 1916.


William Conner lived in New York State and later in Pennsylvania. His son James Conner was born in Pa. in the year 1805 and moved to Guernsey County, Ohio where he operated a blacksmith shop on the National Highway near Hannibal. Sarah Macon of Pennsylvania Dutch descent was the wife of James Conner. Their son, Thomas Jason was the seventh of a family of nine children. He was horn Oct. 14, 1841.

In 1844 he moved to Newell’s Run with his parents, where his father had a shop. His mother died in 1850. The family lived together for three years, when Thomas made his home with an older brother, John, and then went among strangers. He carted salt barrel staves to the Ohio river and made a trip to Pomeroy, Ohio with a cargo of staves. He worked for Ebenezer Battelle in Newport, O. and for Brim Battelle attending the Valley School. In the fall of 1860 he made a trip to New Orleans on a flatboat loaded with produce. In. the spring of 1861 entered into a partnership with a Mr. Stevens to drill oil wells by springpole method and was engaged in this work at Hollidays Cove, W. Va. When the Civil war began he enlisted under the first call in. Co. B 39th O. V. I. Drilled at the Marietta fairground and was sent west with the rank of Corporal. He spent some time in Missouri and went to Tenn. He was engaged in more than twenty battles; New Madrid, Island N. 10, Iuka, Corinth, Parkers Cross Roads, Tuscumbie, Colliersville. Moscoe, Decatur, Rocky Face Ridge, Resaca, Rome, Kingston, Dallas, Kennesaw Mt., Marietta, Ga., Big Shanty, Pine Mt., Golgatha, culps House, Powder Springs, Nickajack Creek, Chattachooche, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Decatur, and siege of Atlanta. At Iuka he was promoted to sergeant and at Athens, Ga. was reduced to the ranks at his own request. Mustered out at Chattanooga, Tenn. Aug. 19, 1864 and arrived home Aug. 31, 1864. Rev. Geo. Gear, chaplain of Co. B 39th, related that Tom Conner was a brave soldier, always ready to answer the call to duty and tried by his own example to live an upright life. In March he bought a store at the mouth of Newell’s Run (Ohio) and had a P.O. established there. On the first day of June 1865 he was married to Belle M. Dye of Lawrence Township. To this union two boys and two girls were born; Alden B., May 4th 1866, Fannie, April 16, 1867, Friend, March 8th 1869 and Nellie, May 10th 1875. Alden died May 10th .1867; Friend ___________. In 1866 sold the store


and leased a farm below Williams town, W. Va. in the brick house below town. Lived there two years when he bought a farm at Moss Run, Ohio. Sold out in l867 and engaged in the store business at Moss Run, Ohio at the present site of the home of Frank Weinstock. In 18?4 bought the store of J. P. Cambell at Cow Run and formed a partnership with S.S. McGee and later with John Hervey.

In 1884 the store burned with a Loss of $3,000 above insurance. On Aug 4th 1881 his wife died and was buried at Moss Run. In 1883 bought the Moffit Dye farm near the mouth of Cow Run. On Feb. 28th 1883 was united in marriage with Eleanora A. Hune of Lawrence, Ohio. To this union six children were born: Harry, Dec. 31, 1883, Maude, Sept 12th, 1885, Carrie, July 24th  1887, Mabel, May 4th 1889, Clyde, Nov. 8th 1881, Dean, March 10th 1894 Dean, died July 25th 1894. In the fall of 1885 Thomas J. Conner was elected Treasurer of Washington County, Ohio and held this office four years. He returned to the farm and lived there until 1909 when he moved to Marietta and lived there o his death on Oct. 27th 1916. Burial in Oak Grove Cemetery. In church work he united with M.E. Church at Williamstown, W. Va., in 1867 transferred to the Congregational Church at Moss Run, Later to Cow Run and still later to the M E Church in Norwood. (Marietta)  Eleanora Adaline Hune was born at Lawrence, Washington County, William H. T. Hune and Christina Meyers Hune. After the death of her husband she lived in Marietta until her death on Dec. 12th 1926. William Henry Theodore Hune was born at Gottingen, Germany on Nov. 5th, 1822 and emigrated to Baltimore with his parents, brother, Edward and sister Nora when he, William was 13 years old  He lived in Baltimore until 21 and learned the trade of cigar roller. At the age of 21 he came to New Cottingen, Guernsey Co., Ohio and bought tobacco in parts of Noble and Guernsey counties. In 1848 he came to Washington County and engaged in the tobacco and mercantile business in Lawrence township. He married Christina Meyers Oct. 24th 1858 and to this union twelve children were born, Ella, William, Charles, Carrie, Sophia,


Frank, Mary, Herman, Harry, Florence, and Edward, Otto. William Hume and wife are buried in Lawrence, Ohio. William Hume, the elder, was an artist. Christina Meyers was three quarters German.

Weekly Leader, Tuesday, June 9, 1885

Local News

The father of T. J. Conner, Esq., of Cow Run, died at his home near Newell’s Run, on Monday. He was one of the pioneers of that locality.

Weekly Leader, Tuesday, June 9, 1885

Newell’s Run

Died, June 1st, Mr. James Conner, aged 80 years. The funeral services were conducted at the Beech Grove Church by Rev. Athey.

Marietta Times, Saturday Evening, July 8, 1915


T. J. Conner

Mr. Conner, and ex-county treasurer was born in Guernsey County., O., Oct. 14, 1841, and came to Washington County when three years of age. He has spent practically his entire life here. In 1861 he enlisted in company 8, 39th Ohio, for three years, and took part in a number of important battles. Mr. Conner resides at 105 Court Street, Marietta.

October 28, 1916


Mt. Thomas J. Conner, Civil War veteran and ex-county treasurer a man widely known and highly respected in this city and vicinity passed away at his home at No. 105 Court Street, East End, Friday night at 11:45 o’clock after an illness of six months duration. He had been bed-fast during the entire illness. Death was due to cancer.

The last son of Mr. and Mrs. James Conner, the deceased was born in Guernsey county, October 14th 1841. He was past 75 years of age. He had spent his entire life in Washington County, and had resided in Marietta for the past seven years.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Mr. Conner enlisted in Company B, 39th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He served for three years, during which time he saw service in a number of notable engagements.


Mr. Conner served two terms in the office of treasurer of Washington county, being elected tot hath office for the first time in 1880.

The deceased was first married in 1865 to Miss Belle M. Dye, in Lawrence township. He wife died in 1881 and he was untied in marriage a second time on February 28, 1883, to Miss Ellanora Hune, near Marietta. Four children were born to his first wife, three of whom are living and six children to his second wife. Five of whom are now living. Mr. Conner was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of the city. When actively engaged, he had followed agricultural pursuits. He is survived by eight children: Mrs. Frances Elliot of Lewiston, Idaho; Mrs. Nellie McCune of Portland, Ore.; Friend Conner of Reinbeck, Iowa; Mrs. F. J. McClure of Marietta; Mrs. Earl Shiers of Akron; H.H. Conner of Cushing, Okla.; Carrie and Clyde Conner, at home. He also leaves two sisters, Mrs. Sam Johnson of Bellaire and Mrs. Martha Hinton of Newport. Three brothers have preceded him to the grave.