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Petty Family



Descendants of Presley Petty

Compiled by Patricia A Ewing


Generation No. 1


        1.  Presley1 Petty was born 06 Jan 1792 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, and died 28 Nov 1862 in UB Cem, Mt Zion, Washington Co., Ohio.  He married Margaret McNeil Jennings 23 Jul 1817, daughter of Jonathan Jennings and Elizabeth Stephenson.  She was born 06 Nov 1794 in Morgan Co., Pennsylvania, and died 27 Jan 1880 in UB Cem, Mt Zion, Washington Co., Ohio.


Notes for Presley Petty:

Petty Family History by Alice Petty Vannoy Binegar

Pressly Petty was born near Harper's Ferry in 1791, and in 1810 came to Ohio, locating on section twelve of Newport Township, where he died in 1862. His widow, Margaret Jennings, born 1794, is living with her son Henry W. The family consisted of nine children of whom six survive, viz.; Mariah (Dye) in Lawrence Twp. Betsey (Harris) in West Virginia, Rosanna (Smith) in Watertown Twp., Margaret (Lee) in Iowa, Stephen, in Illinois, and Henry W. in Newport Twp. The Latter was born in 1838, married Nancy McAllister, by whom he has had ten children, nine of whom are living. Mr Petty was in the hundred day service, Company B, One Hundred and Forty-eight Regiment, Ohio Nation Guards. -History of Washington County 1788-1861 (H. S. Williams and Bro., Publishers - reprint 1989)


Pvt. Pressly Petty, listed on a payroll of a company of Ohio Militia, commamded by Captian John Thornily, of the First Regiment of Ohio Militia, in the service of the United States, stationed at Fort Stephenson by order of General John S Gans, commencing January 6, 1814, and expiring March 13, 1814, including seven days for returning hom one hundred and forty miles both ways.


Children of Presley Petty and Margaret Jennings are:

        2                 i.    Maria2 Petty, born 1819.  She married Andrew J Dye 27 Sep 1838.

+      3                ii.    Stephen Petty, born 07 Feb 1821.

        4               iii.    Margaret McNeil Petty, born 11 Mar 1822.  She married Joseph C Lee 22 Oct 1840.

        5               iv.    Mary Ann Petty, born 23 Dec 1824.

        6                v.    Lydia Delilah Petty, born 13 Jan 1825.

+      7               vi.    Rosanna Petty, born 22 Sep 1829.

        8              vii.    Betsy Petty, born 18 Mar 1831.  She married James Harris 06 May 1849.

        9             viii.    Nancy Petty, born 19 Aug 1834; died 05 Mar 1861 in UB Cem, Mt Zion, Washington Co., Ohio.

+      10             ix.    Henry Wesley Petty, born 07 Feb 1838.



Generation No. 2


        3.  Stephen2 Petty (Presley1) was born 07 Feb 1821.  He married Catherine Frazier 19 Nov 1842.  She was born 1826.


Children of Stephen Petty and Catherine Frazier are:

        11               i.    Mary E3 Petty, born 1843.

        12              ii.    George W Petty, born 1845.

        13             iii.    Charles B Petty, born 1849.

        14             iv.    Margaret M Petty, born 1848.



        7.  Rosanna2 Petty (Presley1) was born 22 Sep 1829.  She married James Keith Smith 07 Apr 1850.  He was born 1827.


Children of Rosanna Petty and James Smith are:

        15               i.    Jeanetta3 Smith, born 1851.

        16              ii.    Mary L Smith, born 1853.

        17             iii.    Maria V Smith, born 1854.

        18             iv.    Presley H Smith, born 1857.

        19              v.    Edward M Smith, born 1859.

        20             vi.    Allice R Smith, born 1863.

        21            vii.    Edith M Smith, born 1865.

        22           viii.    Ludwell J Smith, born 1867.

        23             ix.    Walter J Smith, born 20 Aug 1869.

        24              x.    William H Smith, born 18 Sep 1871.

        25             xi.    Ada C Smith, born 04 Mar 1874.



        10.  Henry Wesley2 Petty (Presley1) was born 07 Feb 1838.  He married Nancy Susan McAllister 20 Jul 1856, daughter of Daniel McAllister.  She was born 31 Oct 1835, and died 23 May 1884 in Burial, Mt Zion Cemetery.


More About Henry Wesley Petty:

Military service: Civil War Veteran


Children of Henry Petty and Nancy McAllister are:

+      26               i.    Stephen P3 Petty, born 1858; died 1922 in Burial, Mt Zion Cemetery.

        27              ii.    George Nathan Petty, born 1861; died 01 Sep 1869.

        28             iii.    James W Petty, born Abt. 1861.

        29             iv.    Nancy Petty, born 16 Nov 1863; died in Died young.


More About Nancy Petty:

Died 2: Burial, Mt Zion Cemetery


+      30              v.    Henry Wesley Jr Petty, born 1864; died 1943.

        31             vi.    Ida Elizabeth Petty, born 18 Jan 1868; died 14 Oct 1882 in Burial, Mt Zion Cemetery.

        32            vii.    Charles F Petty, born 20 Jan 1869.  He married Elizabeth Hoff 27 Feb 1895.

        33           viii.    Hannah E Petty, born 1872.  She married Andrew J Britton 01 Apr 1895.

        34             ix.    Mary I Petty, born 1875.  She married Henry Gilpin 17 Jun 1896.

        35              x.    Frank Petty, born 1878.



Generation No. 3


        26.  Stephen P3 Petty (Henry Wesley2, Presley1) was born 1858, and died 1922 in Burial, Mt Zion Cemetery.  He married Sarah Ann McIntire 10 Jan 1883, daughter of Fidelis McIntire and Isabell Mendenhall.  She was born 09 Sep 1856, and died 11 Feb 1904 in Burial, Mt Zion Cemetery.


Children of Stephen Petty and Sarah McIntire are:

        36               i.    Hannah Isabel4 Petty.  She married Clark Powell.

        37              ii.    Stella Petty, died in Flordia.


Notes for Stella Petty:

Registered Nurse


+      38             iii.    Henry S. Petty, born 08 Feb 1884; died in  age 84.

        39             iv.    Peter Petty.

        40              v.    Stephen Petty.

        41             vi.    Thomas Petty, born 19 Dec 1889; died in Burial Kansas.

        42            vii.    George Petty, born 15 Jul 1892; died in Burial Kansas.

        43           viii.    Bessie Petty, born 05 Apr 1894.  She married (?) Senterfit.



        30.  Henry Wesley Jr3 Petty (Henry Wesley2, Presley1) was born 1864, and died 1943.  He married Margaret Ballentine, daughter of George Ballentine and Susan Francis.  She was born 1866, and died 1928.



Children of Henry Petty and Margaret Ballentine are:

+      44               i.    George Gale4 Petty, born 26 Oct 1905; died 16 Jun 1983 in Barker Cemetery.

        45              ii.    Wilda Ione Petty, born 01 Dec 1907; died 15 Aug 1908 in Burial, Yankeeburg Cemetery.

+      46             iii.    Wilma Irene Petty, born 01 Dec 1907; died Jan 1991.

+      47             iv.    Wesley "Bayne" Petty, died 06 Dec 1979.



Generation No. 4


        38.  Henry S.4 Petty (Stephen P3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1) was born 08 Feb 1884, and died in  age 84.  He married (1) Cora Olive Dennis 19 Dec 1906, daughter of Abraham Dennis and Amanda Casey.  She died in Burial East Lawn Cemetery.  He married (2) Bertha Pugh Peece. 


More About Henry S. Petty:

Name 2: Henry Petty

Date born 2: 1884

Burial: Dale Cemetery


Children of Henry Petty and Bertha Peece are:

        48               i.    Paul5 Petty.

        49              ii.    Mary Petty.  She married Gene Trunk.



        44.  George Gale4 Petty (Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1) was born 26 Oct 1905, and died 16 Jun 1983 in Barker Cemetery.  He married Ida Mae Noland 28 Aug 1926, daughter of Jasper Noland and Maggie Wood.  She was born 14 Aug 1899, and died 16 Apr 1987 in Barker Cemetery.


Children of George Petty and Ida Noland are:

        50               i.    Robert Wesley5 Petty, born 21 Jun 1928; died 16 Dec 1928.


More About Robert Wesley Petty:

Died 2: of Pneumonia


+      51              ii.    Bertha Louise Petty,

+      52             iii.    Edna Irene Petty, .

        53             iv.    George Gale Jr Petty, born 22 Sep 1933; died 21 Feb 1988 in Barker Cemetery.

+      54              v.    Clarence Vernon Petty,

+      55             vi.    Alice Mae Petty,  in Bells Run, Newport Ohio.



        46.  Wilma Irene4 Petty (Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1) was born 01 Dec 1907, and died Jan 1991.  She married George E Holbert.  He was born 1904, and died 1976.


Children of Wilma Petty and George Holbert are:

        56               i.    Martha Virginia5 Holbert, died in Vacaville, CA.

+      57              ii.    Wilma Irene Holbert, died in Denmark, Maine.



        47.  Wesley "Bayne"4 Petty (Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1) died 06 Dec 1979.  He married Dorothy Marie Sparks Jan 1946.  She was born 18 Jan 1923, and died 07 Apr 1991.


More About Wesley "Bayne" Petty:

Died 2: 06 Dec 1976


Child of Wesley Petty and Dorothy Sparks is:

+      58               i.    Gloria Ann5 Petty.



Generation No. 5


        51.  Bertha Louise5 Petty (George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1).  She married George Terrill. 


Child of Bertha Petty and George Terrill is:

+      59               i.    Betty Louise6 Terrill,



        52.  Edna Irene5 Petty (George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1).  She married David Lawrence Dye, son of Willard Dye and Ollie Epler. 


Children of Edna Petty and David Dye are:

+      60               i.    Kathine Marlene6 Dye.

        61              ii.    Michael David Dye.  He married Jayne A Woodruff.



        54.  Clarence Vernon5 Petty (George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1).  He married Doris Louise Myers. 


Children of Clarence Petty and Doris Myers are:

+      62               i.    Diana Cheryl6 Petty.

        63              ii.    Debrrah Sue Petty.

        64             iii.    Duane Martin Petty.  He married Beth Hadcock.



        55.  Alice Mae5 Petty (George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1) was born  in Bells Run, Newport Ohio.  She married (1) John Thomas Sr Vannoy, son of William Vannoy and Mildred Johnson.  He was born  in Kerr Run Newport Ohio.  She married (2) Lawrence Stanley Binegar 


Children of Alice Petty and John Vannoy are:

+      65               i.    Pablo Jan6 Vannoy.

+      66              ii.    Carlo Jon Vannoy.

        67             iii.    John Thomas Jr Vannoy.

+      68             iv.    Patricia Ann Vannoy.

+      69              v.    Jennifer Sue Vannoy.

        70             vi.    David Lee Vannoy.

+      71            vii.    Karen Lynn Vannoy.

        72           viii.    Tony Alan Vannoy.

        73             ix.    Stephen Gale Vannoy.



        57.  Wilma Irene5 Holbert (Wilma Irene4 Petty, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1) died in Denmark, Maine.


Notes for Wilma Irene Holbert:

In September 1990, (Alice Petty Binegar) received a letter from Aunt Wanda who was living with Wilma in Denmark. In it she writes:

"Nathan (her adopted son) has a 4-H lamb in the backyard. His name is Batman. He comes up behind me andmakes me jump high. A raccone came one day and was eating from his feed bucket. The "coon" had to travel fast. The lamb just stomped his feet and went "baaaa" It (the coon) really travelled up a tree fast, and haven't seen it back. The lamb will go to market soon. I'll miss him.


Child of Wilma Irene Holbert is:

        74               i.    Nahtan6 Holbert.



        58.  Gloria Ann5 Petty (Wesley "Bayne"4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1)  She married Robert Harlow. 


Children of Gloria Petty and Robert Harlow are:

        75               i.    Kimberly6 Harlow.

        76              ii.    Kevin Harlow.

        77             iii.    Michael Harlow.



Generation No. 6


        59.  Betty Louise6 Terrill (Bertha Louise5 Petty, George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1) was born 24 Dec 1952.  She married Roger Ferrill. 


Children of Betty Terrill and Roger Ferrill are:

        78               i.    Donna7 Ferrill.

        79              ii.    Roger Jr Ferrill.

        80             iii.    Kevin Ferrill.

        81             iv.    Amber Ferrill, born 1981.



        60.  Kathine Marlene6 Dye (Edna Irene5 Petty, George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1)  She married Thomas Eugene Long. 


Children of Kathine Dye and Thomas Long are:

        82               i.    Ashley Brook7 Long.

        83              ii.    Jason Michael Long.



        62.  Diana Cheryl6 Petty (Clarence Vernon5, George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1)  She married Glen Donald Clark. 


Child of Diana Petty and Glen Clark is:

        84               i.    Thomas Andrew7 Clark.



        65.  Pablo Jan6 Vannoy (Alice Mae5 Petty, George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1)  He married Debbie Sue Bailey. 


Children of Pablo Vannoy and Debbie Bailey are:

        85               i.    Stacy Marie7 Vannoy.

        86              ii.    John Thomas III Vannoy.



        66.  Carlo Jon6 Vannoy (Alice Mae5 Petty, George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1)


Child of Carlo Jon Vannoy is:

        87               i.    Jesse Marie7 Cunningham.



        68.  Patricia Ann6 Vannoy (Alice Mae5 Petty, George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1)  She married Daniel Lee Ewing. 


Children of Patricia Vannoy and Daniel Ewing are:

        88               i.    Michael Lee7 Ewing.

        89              ii.    Amanda Christine Ewing.

        90             iii.    Thomas Carlton Ewing.



        69.  Jennifer Sue6 Vannoy (Alice Mae5 Petty, George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1)  She married Gerald Howard Bookman, son of Donn Bookman and Thelma Brooks. 


Children of Jennifer Vannoy and Gerald Bookman are:

        91               i.    Timothy John7 Bookman.

        92              ii.    Tabatha June Bookman.


More About Tabatha June Bookman:

Name 2: Tabitha June Bookman


        93             iii.    Tiffany Jill Bookman.



        71.  Karen Lynn6 Vannoy (Alice Mae5 Petty, George Gale4, Henry Wesley Jr3, Henry Wesley2, Presley1)  She married Charles Ramon Wright. 


Children of Karen Vannoy and Charles Wright are:

        94               i.    Alicia Jo7 Wright.

        95              ii.    Garrett Michael Wright.