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Eunice Beaver

Eunice_Doc Beaver[1].jpg

------ Eunice and "Doc" Beaver

Eunice Beaver says she never expected to “make it this far,’ but family members and friends of the 100-year-old Arbors at Marietta resident surely are glad she did. They will

celebrate the Washington County native’s century of life, which she will mark Friday, with a party In the Arbors’ s e c o n d -floor or dining room Beaver after lunch Saturday.

•“l’ve had a pretty good life,” Be a said. “I never thought I’d make this far, but I worked h2rd all my life. And I think that’s what it takes.” :She was born July 10, 1892, to William and Sarah Pritchard, who had seven daughters and an equal nüinber of sons.

Her husband, Raymond Beaver, whom she married July 17, 1915, died in 1954. Together they had five children, Mildred, Margaret, Raymond and Dean, and Vernon, who is deceased.

The Beavers farmed, and most of her time was devoted to that and such tasks and hobbles as canning, sewing, crocheting, quilting and r

She moved to the Arbors March 13, 1990, and some of her favorite activities today bring back fond n of her days on the farm. She particularly enjoys visits from Humane Society pets. She also en joys visits from teen volunteers and the short stories they read her from Guideposts.

She normally prefers independent activities in her room, Including watching TV, because poor hearing and vision make It difficult for her to enjoy group programs. That also might be attributed to the close relationship she has with her roommate, Grace VanSlckle.

A member of Christ United Methodist Church, she is pleased to have lived so many years Independently.

“I’ve only been here about two years now, and I’m proud of it,” she said. “Up until then, I had been living alone, taking care of myself.”