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Maria Hays Bible


Maria Hays Bible pages [Pronounced Mariah with a long "i".]


Richard Hays was born in Newport O. Apr. 3, 1820

Maria Greene was born in Newport O. Friday Nov. 6, 1821


Preston Greene Hays was born in Delaware O. Monday July 28, 1845

Harry Richard Hays was born in Newport O. Sunday Sep 26, 1852

Ella Rebecca Hays was born in Newport O. Monday Dec. 18, 1854

Maria Catharine Hays was born in Newport O. Monday July 19, 1858



Bertha Alice Hays was born Friday, Nov. 25, 1870

Mildred Cole Hays was born in Newport O. Friday Nov. 22, 1872

Everett Rea Hays was born in Newport O. Thursday Jan. 22, 1880

Mary Ethel Hays was born in Newport O. Wed. Sep. 20, 1882


Harry Raymond Hays was born in Newport O. Sat. March 30, 1878

Frank Glassow Hays was born in Newport O Sat. Aug. 4th, 1883


George Hays Gale was born in Newport O. Tuesday Nov. 6, 1883

Infant daughter born Oct. 17, 1887

Larrie Richard born Feb 28, 1891


Richard Oliver McRa was born Mon Sep. 17, 1888

Donald Greene McRa Mon. Oct. 27, 1890 at Beverly



E. R. Hays July 25, 1872 [Ella Rebecca]

Richard O McRa May 17, 1889

Donald G McRa May 15, 1891

Richard Hays Nov. 13, 1891



Richard Hays and Maria Greene married in Newport O May 15, 1844

Preston G Hays and Mary L. Rea married Nov 17, 1869.  Mary was born May 24, 1850

Harry R Hays and Lizzie H Glassow married Apr. 6, 1876. Lizzie was born Sep 52, 1852

Myra C Hays and George T Gale married Feb. 6, 1883, George was born Feb 22, 1852

Ella R. Hays and Thomas I McRa married Aug. 23, 1887



Mary L Rea Hays died May 25, 1887

Infant daughter of G. T. and M H. Gale died Oct 22, 1887

Richard Hays died Dec. 30, 1892 [1891] Wednesday at fifteen minutes of six P.M.

Maria G. Hays died Jan. [1896] Sunday.

Everett Hays died at Fortress Monroe Oct

H. Raymond Hays died Nov. Monday morning



Moved into our new house Dec. 4, 1867

March 15, 1871 Preston moved to Milltown.

Sep 19, 1876 Harry moved.

Sep. 3rd, 1879 Preston moved from Milltown to Newport.

April 21, 1887, Thursday, The last visit dear Mary made to our house.

1888 May 2, 3 and 4th Susan, Harriet, Sarah, Brother James and myself were together, and Sunday the 6th parted from dear sister Susan.

Aug. 23 I parted from dear sister Harriet. I never expect to meet them again in this world.

May 18, 1889 dear Ella, husband and child left the old home to make a home fro themselves in Sarahsville.