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Autograph Book of Nellie Lauer

Nellie Lauer Autograph book.jpg

Autograph Book of Nellie Lauer, Newport Ohio, Wash. Co., March 28, 1892


Lilah Lauer Newport, Ohio, Wash. Co., Feb. 4, 1894


“She loves, but not you she loves,

Not you on whom. She ponders,

When in some dream of tenderness,

Her truant fancy wonders.”


T’were vain to speak, to well to sigh;

Oft, more that tears of flood can tell,

When wrung from guilt’s expiring eye,

Are in final word – farewell – farewell!



Newport Ohio March 29th, 1892

Dear Nellie:-

May you joys be as deep as the oceans and you sorrows as light as it foams.

From you Friend,

Carrie Kerr


A woman nerved is like a fountain troubled.


Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned.


False to my love & what is it to be false?

To lie awake & think & pray for him;

To weep from hour to hour & if sleep sooths mature,

To start up from a fearful dream of him

And cry myself awake: That false, no my love.



Newport Ohio March 6, 1890

Dear Nellie:

When with girls

Full of fun think

Of me that quiet one.

Your Friend and Schoolmate,

Hatie Bly


Newport Ohio April 19, 1894

Compliments of Rea Gano


Newport High School

Dear Friend:-

Remember; “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.”

Your friend, Cora Kraft


March 29, 1872 Newport Ohio

Friend Nellie:-

Remember me dear Nellie

When these lives you look

Remember it was Ethel

Who wrote in this your book.

Your Friend and Schoolmate, Ethel Hays


Dear Nellie:

May you live long and be happy

Is the wish of your friend,

Mollie Reynolds

March 31, 1892


True friends are like diamonds

Precious and rare

False friends like autumn leaves

Found everywhere.


Newport O

Dear Nellie:

True friends are like jewels; but like jewels are scarce.

Your friend, Effie Stewart & Court Rea


March 31, 1892

Miss Nellie

Strive to keep the golden rule,

And learn you lessons well at school,

Is the wish of

Your friend, Annie Thomas


To Nellie-

“Good actions crown themselves with lasting days,

Who deserves well needs not another’s praise.”

Your Friend, Nellie Edgell, Newport O, March 31, 1892



Dear Nellie –

May the morning and noon of your life be cloudless and fair;

And may it sunset abode with sweet memories of the past,

And bright hopes for the future.

Your friend, Lottie R. S.

Newport O. march 29th -92


Miss Nellie Lauer

When you see a frog on a tree

Pull its tail and think of me.

Ever Your Friend, Miss Gertie Harris,

Newport O, November 30th, 1892


I thought and I thought and I thought in vain. I thought at last I would write my name.

Geo. H Gale


Newport O. 3/28, 1892

Dear Nellie:-

Do you covet learning’s prize.

Climb her heights and take it.

In ourselves our fortune lies.

Life is what we make it.

Your friend and teacher, Fannie Compton


Miss Nellie, Newport O. Dec 1, 1892

“In memories wood box”

Count me as a stick.

Your Friend and Schoolmate, Nannie? McGee


Newport O. March 30, 1892

Dear Nellie:-

I wish you health, I wish you wealth.

I wish you golden store, I wish you heaven after death.

I couldn’t wish you more.

Your Friend, Mabel Torner


Compliments of Your Cousin,

Nellie Kraft, New Matamoras. Ohio


Ida Torner, Marietta, Ohio



Dear Nellie,

Set your affections on thing above.



Remember, a good girl makes a good woman, Nellie.

Your Friend, Lulu Dye

March 31st, 92



March 6, 1895

Friend Nellie

Remember well and bear in mind a trusty friend is hard to find.

Your friend and schoolmate, Agnes Stewart


Newport Ohio, March 29, 1895

Dear Nellie

Remember me long

Remember me ever

Remember the fun

We had together.

Your Friend, Mary or Cary? Gale


Newport, Ohio, March 7, 1893

Dear Nellie

I though, I though in vain. I thought at last I would write my name.

Agnes Harris


Newport, Ohio, March 7, 1893

Dear Nellie:-

May you long remember your sweetest lover,

Though you may be in silent’s sweetest rest.

Eleanor Adkins


April 19, 1893

Dear Nellie

Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth.

Your Friend, Carrie Thomas


March 31, 1892


“When you days on earth are ended,

And the paths of life are trod,

May your name be written

In the Autograph of God.”

Your Friend, Grace Dana


Compliments of your friend H ________________


Newport O. March 31, 92

Friend Nellie,

Let not our friendship

Like the rose wither.

But like the evergreen

Last forever, is the wish

Of your friend, Alice Rea


Newport Ohio, Aug. 10, 1892

Dear Nellie

Remember me early, Remember me late,

Remember the boy you kissed at the gate.

Your Friend, Lucy L. Gale


March 12, 1897

Dear Nellie

When with girls

Full of fun, think of me

The quiet one.

Your Brother, Willie


Newport Ohio, March 6th, 1895

“Dear Nellie”

Your life is a book yet unwritten

Scarce traced by a joy or grief

May sunbeams pencil its pages.

The Angels keep watch over each leaf

Let truth be the Scribe of the Volumes.

Its records be written in love

When closed by the hand of the author,

May the pages be continued above.

A token of remembrance

From Your Friend and Schoolmate, Florence Wright.


Nov. 30th, 1892

Dear Nellie

When the golden sun is unkind,

And your heart is light and free,

When of others you are thinking

Will you sometimes think of me?

Your Friend, Mary Echols


“There are a thousand nameless ties,

Which only such as feel them know,

Of hundred thought, deep sympathies, and untold fancy spells,

Which throw o’er ardent minds & faithful heart.

A chain whose charmed links so blend

That the bright circle but imparts

Its force in these fond words – My  Friend!”


Dear Nellie

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And so are you.

Your Cousin, Nellie Kraft


Remember well and bear in mind

A trusty friend is hard to find.


A might pain to love it is

T’is a pain that love to miss

But Ah! It is the saddest pain

To love and not be loved again.


Newport Ohio, April 19, 98

Dear Nellie-

“Desire no to live long,

But to live well.

How long our lives

Our actions tell.”

Clara W. (or M.)


March 18, 1895


Sow good services;

Sweet remembrances,

Well grow from them.

A Schoolmate, Orlando Eckels, Newport, O.


Mch. 31, 1892

To Nellie:-

May he who clothes the lilies

And marks the sparrow fall

Protect and guide you Nellie

And guide you safe through all.

Your Friend, Edith Green, Newport, O.






If we could only dream our lives away and never know what other people say.


April 18th, 1895, Newport, Ohio

Compliments of your friend, Edna Thomas, Newport, Ohio





Sept. 1, 1895

Dear Nellie

Remember me long,

Remember me ever,

Remember the quarrels we have had together.



Dear Nellie,

When with girls

Full of fun think

Of me the quiet one.

Carrie Lang, Newport Ohio

April 10th 93, at school


May 28, 1893

Dear Nellie

When you are old,

And cannot see,

Put on your specks

And think of me.

From your Cousin, Mary Kraft


Newport, O Dec 31, 1896

Dear Nellie,

When rocks and hill divide us

And you no more I’ll see

Take pen and ink and paper

And write a line to me.

Your Brother, Willie


Newport Ohio, March 5, 1895

Dear Nellie:

I am last but I think not least.

Your Friend and schoolmate, Anna Rowland


Newport, Ohio

Nellie Lauer:

When you get a man

And he is a dippler

Just make him acquainted

With the toe of your slipper.

Rea Gano


March 28, 1892 Nellie m Lauer birthday


March 28, 1892

Friend Nellie

Compliments of your friend Luella Martin, Newport, Ohio


Newport, Ohio

Dear Nellie

Compliments of your friend, Erthel Martin

1892 March 31.