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Town Pump

Town Pump 1.jpg

From: 1972 Newspaper


The Village of Newport is one of the oldest in the Northwest Territory, and although most of its early landmarks have succumbed to old age, one, the town pump, remains. 

Frontier Garden Club, as an ecological and civic beautification project, has decided to make the town pump and its surrounding area an honored place in the village.

During Newport’s early history, the businesses and homes were originally situated right along the banks of the Ohio River. Research indicates that the original town pump was a hand dug well and located in the center of the street, near the large elm tree which still stands. 

The present town pump is a drilled well, 75 to 90 feet deep, and although it cannot be definitely determined, memories indicate it is more than 100 years old.

Norris Torner recalled that around 1870, his mother, who was born in 1863, frequently stayed at the Saranus Wood Hotel, Located at the present site of Abicht’s Market facing County Rd. 25, so that she could attend school during bad weather. The pump was there in those days. 

Over the years, the hotel changed hands and names many times, but the town pump remained.

To preserve this early landmark, Frontier Garden Club has had help from many people in the community. 

Volunteer workers have included John Herlan, Bill Hurte, Bob Rouse, Will Schneider, Lyle Poynter, Charles Bartug, and Ralph Martin. Help was also received from the Washington County Highway Department and the Newport Township Trustees.

Donations were received from Abicht’s Market, Sun Oil Co., Howard Pryor, and Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Sanford.