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Ebenezer Battelle Letter


[Misspelling left as written. Misspelling was common, even among educated men as there were no standard spelling rules as we know today.]

To Mrs. Nancy Smith (1)                                                        From: Ebenezer Battelle (2)

c/o Misters McLennon & Chadwick                                       Newport Ohio


5th Jan 1823

Dear Sister,

Your esteem’d favour of Oct. 17 is now before me, and is the more interesting from its containing several perticulars of your family, of which we often think and speak with pleasure, It wou’d indeed make us vary happy cou’d I, with a part, or all our family pass an evening with you but for the present, except for you all our best wishes and affection.  My family have now become more dear to me than ever, tho’ Mrs. Battelle’s(3) health is not so firm as I cou’d wish, to manage so numerous a family, five besides our own, that is a prentis Boy and Girl, two Boarders for school and their Instructor. C. D, Battelle(4) has nearly attain’d his growth, and injoys better health this winter, than he has for some years past, with Phebe(5) and Thomas(6), he is much ingaged in school, their studies are various and have the best help. We think they get along very well, our other three boys(7) bid fair to do well, A. B. Battelle(7) is the most promising child I ever saw; in our family, they are all active and busy. My oldests help me much, but the very low price of the produce of my farm renders it hard to pay debts contracted in better times, but I do not wish to complain, I have never yet been distressed and perhaps may not be, the present times teach us economy and learn us to value the blessing of heaven with which we are surounded, which otherwise might have pass’d unnoticed. I highly approve of your changing your maner of living and think your present must be far the most agreeable situation. Mention me with respect to our Dedham friends. I am much pleased to hear from them. Offer my respects to Mr. Brimmer and Cousin Jane Tolman. Say to Mr. B I have receiv’d many useful hints from the Agricultural work he sent me, and if he can forward me another volum on the same subject, it will be well receiv’d, and preserv’d for his Name’s Sake In your inquiry for Mrs. Larkin I conclude you meant Leakin I must refer you to our sister who saw her when here and had a message to her friends, Louisa no doubt may recolect seeing her at Dana’s Mills, Mrs. Leakin and family removed, about nine months since to Baton Rouge on the Missippia I know but little of them since, but understand they are not pleased with their situation, as she is little less than 2,000 miles from this I cannot conveniently see her. I beg you would offer no excuse for what renders your letter pleasent by being perticular in what conserns yourself and family, as that is always interesting to me, It is some time since the above was writen, I expected Phebe to add a postscrip, but she has been writing to her Aunt Louisa, and (poor child) has not for the last month had a moments leisure, I’shou’d have fill’d my paper but my many cares through the week has cause’d me to omit closing this ‘til Sunday morning 26th Jan. but now I expect every moment to here the horse and the mail will be soon close’d, Love to Sister Louisa and our Cousins Maynard from your

Affectionate Brother

Eben Battelle


1. Anna (Nancy) Battelle, b. 18 March 1783, Boston, m. Michael Smith of Boston. d. 26 Oct 1863

2. Ebenezer Battelle, b. 8 August 1778, Dedham, MA,

d. 2 Jan 1876, Newport, Ohio

3. Mrs. Battelle was Mary Greene, dau. of John and Mary Greene, b. 2 Sept 1778, Warwick, R.I., m. 10 Sept 1 1800, Newport, Ohio to Ebenezer Battelle. She d. 24 July 1871, Newport, Ohio.

4. C. D. Battelle, b. 13 July 1807, Belpre, Ohio, son of Ebenezer and Mary (Greene) Battelle m. 13 July 1829 Elizabeth Greenwood. (Rev. Cornelius Durant Battelle)

5. Phebe Greene Battelle, b. 20 Apr 1809, Newport, Ohio; d. 13 Sept 1841; m. 13 Feb. 1834, Rev. Wesley Browning.

6. Thomas Smith Battelle, b. 20 August 1812, Newport, Ohio. Married (1) Grace Ann Fleming; (2) Louisa Anderson; (3) Sue L. Bailey; (4) Almira Brown. d. in California, 26 Nov 1892.

7. Other three boys:

Gordon Battelle (Rev.) b. 14 Nov 1814, Newport, Ohio; d. 7 August 1862, Washington, D.C.; m. 12 Oct l Somerset, Ohio to Mary Louisa Tucker.

Ebenezer Battelle, b. 22 May 1817, Newport, Ohio; d. 7 Dec 1892, Loveland, Ohio in. 28 April 1841, Lower Newport, Ohio, Julia Putnam Barker, dau. of Joseph Barker, Jr. and Melissa Wilson Stone.

Andrew Brimmer Battelle, b. 26 Sent 1820, Newport, Ohio; d. 30 Apr 1887, Bellaire, 0. m. 23 Dec. 1847, Lower Newport, 0hio. to Elizabeth Mary Barker, dau. of Joseph Barker, Jr. and Melissa Wilson Stone.

8. Louisa Battelle, b. 22 March 1786, Boston, d. 13 April 1875; in. Rev. Joseph Ives Foote.

Notes 1, 2 and 8 were children of Ebenezer Battelle, Sr. and Anna Hunt Durant, who came to Washington County in l789 with their five children, About 1800 Mrs. Battelle, and four children returned to Boston, leaving Ebenezer, Jr. and his father in Ohio.


From the Family files at the Campus Martius Museum Library