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Harriet L Greene Letter


This typed copy is on file at the Campus Martius Museum Library


Marietta, April 28th, 1857


Dear Friend Kate,


It has been some time since I received your kind letter and had intended to answer it long ago but have been delayed doing so. Your letter was indeed unexpected and was almost as the voice of one from the dead you had been so long silent. We did not know where you were but are glad to hear that you are so pleasantly situated. You requested me to give the news for four years - a task I would gladly perform if I were competent so to do. Could I in panoramic view bring up these scenes, my delight would be to give a descriptive transcript of them on paper.


Newport has jogged along in the beaten path of years without much deviation either to the right or left, naught has occurred to mar the tranquility of its inhabitations save now and then a drunken brawl around or near the Burnet (?) House. The railroad Irish have sort of headquarters to which they gave the above name. A drunken man on the streets is no rare occurrence. The railroad has been commenced and considerable work done on it is not in progress now.


It appears that you had heard of James' marriage (1) but did not know the name. Melissa Wood is the name. They now have a little daughter. Luther Greene (2) is also married to a girl about Harmen(?). Richard (3) is yet on the old Batch lists. Lucy Fergersen (4) married a Mr. Ellis and now lives in the central portion of the state and had two children. May More (5) married a Mr. Bailey of Virginia where she now resides and has one child. Virginia Amlin (6) consorted with an Irishman and has one child. James Holden (7) and Betsey Powell at last agreed to make a match. Mrs. Haight (8) at last found her better half to be none other that Mr. Amber and they two have taken up their abode under her roof. I now knot but that I have repeated news not new, if so excuse me for I did not know exactly what to write having such a broad foundation.



The Littles (9) are all well. Maria (10) is not yet married nor is there any talk as I know of her being. Mrs. Bosworth (11) is well. They are living in a new house a frame near the road, quite a pretty. Mr. Edgell (12) has also put up quite a splendid house near where the old one stood. Buiner Batelle (13) bought the Newport farm and now lives on it. James Cree (14) keeps tavern in the corner house. Mr. Edgerton (15) has bought the house that Charles Dana (16) used to live in and has made considerable many improvements on it. One or two new smoke houses have been put up within the last two or three years. Indeed an astonishingly thriving place is the town of my years. The western fever has borne some of our worthy citizens to the land of the "far west" where the prairie's blossom as the rose and the streams flow forth milk and honey. You have probably heard of those who have gone west and it will be useless for me to repeat names. I have talked of other people almost as long as I could find anything to say about them. Now I will tell a little of myself and whereabouts to wind up this epistle. For the past three years I have been in Marietta the most of the time. Two I spent in school, one I have been teaching. My school will be out in eight weeks and then I go home. I like teaching pretty well although not as well as I expected. I like Marietta, yes, very well.*


I have just heard that Sarah (17) is quite unwell, symptoms of the typhoid fever, but Dr. Cole (18) is in hope to break it up. I do not know that I have any more to write. I hope to hear from you soon - write and it maybe that I can tell you more news. We should like to see you.


I remain you friend

Hattie L Greene (19)


Note: at this time Katie Peck was teaching around Popin, Dunn Co. Wisconsin.


1. James Brown Greene, son of Richard and Harriett (Brown) Greene, married Melissa A. Wood on March 27, 1856, brother to the author of the letter.

2. Luther George Hill Greene is the son of John and Mary/Polly (Hill) Greene. John is the brother to Richard Greene in note Number 1. Luther G. H. Greene is cousin to author of the letter. Luther married Beulah Higgins on March 29, 1855 [See Luther GH Greene in Biographies] 

3. Richard Greene, brother to Luther, also son of John and Mary/Polly (Hill) Greene, never married; He died on September 2, 1857.

4. Lucy Ferguson is the daughter of James D. and Elizabeth (Flint) Ferguson; she married Andrew Ellis in December 28, 1954

5. Possibly Mary Moore, daughter of John S and Sarah Moore, listed as miller in Newport 1850 census. Mary W. More married C. W. Bailey of Pleasants Co. Va. on July 3, 1855

6. Virginia Amlin, daughter of Samuel and Mercy Amlin listed as a stonemason in the 1850 census.

7. James C. Holdren, son of Coleman and Margaret/Peggy (Cotter) Coleman of Lower Newport, married Elizabeth Florence Powell on September 19, 1855.

8. Possibly Mary Haight who married Samuel Amlin on April 10, 1856

9. Charles and Mary Little, a farming couple in the 1850 Newport census. He is 55 and she is 52

10. Charles and Mary Little's daughter, Maria. She is 17 in the 1850 census.

11. Probably Lucy Boswoth, 71 born in Mass. in 1850 Newport census living with of Jeremiah and Lucy Bosworth.

12. Aaron and Melissa (Ellis) Edgell built a new home in 1853. They lived there for the remainder of their lives.

13. Andrew Brimmer Battelle was born 1820 to Ebenezer and Mary Greene Battelle. He married Elizabeth Barker in 1847. They lived in Newport until 1863.

14. James Cree born 1807 is married to Nancy Gadd. The original Cree House is on the Ohio River bank at the end of Greene Street.

15. Probably Luther Edgerton age 45, born Connecticut. He and wife, Elizabeth and seven children are in 1850 Newport Census. He owns a store which is located on the Ohio River Bank across from the Cree House.

16, Probably Charles Dana who was born in 1807 and was the son to William and Polly Parkman (Foster) Dana. Charles married Eunice S. Churchill. 

17. Probably Sarah Jane Greene, daughter of Richard and Harriett (Brown) Greene, sister of the author of the letter. Sarah married Dr. James McClure on October 30, 1866

18. Probably Dr. George W. Gale

19 Harriet Lydia Greene was born September 6, 1838, to Richard and Harriet (Brown) Greene. On May 19, 1858, she married Fredrick E. Pearce. Later they moved to Ramsey St. Paul Minn.

*Fredrick E Pearce was a resident of Marietta.