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J.E.W. Greene Letter



Greene’s Store


Washington County S.E. Ohio


Return address

21 Indiana Ave.

Reading Mass.

March 18, 1951


Dear Cousins at W.D. [Will Dana] Greene’s:


My wife Mary thinks I did not answer you recent letter very well. I agree with her. I did not understand very well.

My father [Christopher Greene] and Uncle Charlie [Charles Haskell Greene] were born in a house that stood in the orchard west of [Richard] Hays,’ now Frank Edgar’s big barn as you go out Burkhart Lane, east of the little run. Carrie [Greenwood] said there were two houses in that orchard. I was in the larger one that I suppose my great Grand [John Greene, Sr.] built and lived in. [Richard] Hays had hay in it when I saw [it] and climbed the stairs. That [was] after [Richard] Hays built where Dr. [George T.] Gale lives now. I suppose my grand, the second John [Greene] in Newport built it -the small one in which my father was born. I never saw the second one and never heard of it until it was gone. My father’s father, my grand, John, second, built the first house where Burkhart lives. [My] Father, [Christopher Greene] and [his brother] Rufus lived there. Uncle Rufus [Greene] was a bachelor when they divided [the property], Father getting a little -the most land, Uncle Rufus getting all the buildings and improvements. Uncle Rufus married Ellen Echols, and Kinsor B. Davis built the addition on the from about 1870 -1,2,3,or 4.

James Richard Greene lived where Mrs. Cyrus Bayles lives now when he went to Texas & Arkansas; [that house] and [the house at] the rear of the Burkhart’s are the only ones standing that the early Greene’s lived in, unless you count the brick that mother bought, in 1864, now made into apartments, and the James B. Greene [who lived] where Frank D Kerr [lived, who] recently passed on.

I do not understand about Luther [Greene], if you will write again, plainer about him I will try to answer. It is nearly mail time.


Love and Blessings,

Cousin J.E.W. Greene