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M.A. Haskell Letter


Pittsburgh, July 8th, 1845

Dear Aunt Caroline,

Mr Greenwood (1) has been with us for the past week. he expects to leave for Newport today and takes with him sister, Pamelia. (2)


I  believe you are indebted a letter to me. and I think you might have answered before this time. I should not, (by right) send you a letter now. but mother wishes me to tell you to take good care of Pameila. V"V"? and she has not time to write herself. We did not think of her starting until Saturday evening last, and of course had not much time to fix her things. She has a new drefs that is not made. Will you please to fix the waists for her and she can make it herself. Mother wishes Pamelia to learn how to knit and do all kinds of of country work, as she has never had an opportunity to learn any _________ about doing work in the country it would be advisable for her to know for who knows but she may catch a country beau! and it would be a sad catastrophy if she did not know how to work. Will please set her to work right off and if there is any yarn in the country try and procure some for her, and make her learn to knit stockings. Pamelia can help you make quilts id you should happen to get in a hurry!!


Pamelia has long been wanting to visit you, and as she has received a very polite and prefsing invitation to accompany Mr G. we thought she might go. But we want her to come home before the next term of Mifs. Login's school commences, which will be the first of November.


If Mr. White is returned to Pittsburgh we want you to come and make us a long visit and if they are not retuned you must come and see us. If you should take a notion to get married you can take a wedding tour to Pittsburgh. I think we can entertain you and yours.--- remember me to Mr. H. -- Grand pa  - _______ ____ and all the rest of the friends to numerous to mention. Write soon and tell me all the news.


Yours affectionately.

M. A. Haskell


Mary Ann Haskell was born in 1827 to Charles and Elizabeth H (Dana) Haskell of Newport, Ohio. Her father died from a drowning accident in the Ohio River while still a young man in 1831. Her mother married a second time to Dr. John McCracken.

Elizabeth Harrington (Dana) Haskell was born to William and Polly Parkman (Foster) Dana.


I have been unable to identify “Aunt Caroline” nor Mr. White.



(1)   William C Greenwood came from Morgantown (then) Virginia with his older brother George in 1921. William purchased the Greene farm from Capt. Daniel Greene. His brother George settled in Warren Twp.

(2)   Parmelia Francis Haskell, Mary Ann’s younger sister, In 1850 married Robert Thompson Johnson and settled in Bucyrus, Ohio.

(3)   Grandpa would have been William Dana. He passed away in 1851, six years after the writing of this letter.