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P.F. Haskell Letter


Addressed to:

Mr. Charles Dana (1)

Newport O.

Washington Co.


Pittsburgh, Dec. 27th 1847

Dear Uncle,

You know at is customery for business characters to send in their bills the beginning of the new year. So kind Uncle after wishing you and all the friends a happy new year I send in my demands for a small sum of money. I would like to have fifteen or twenty dollars if you can possibly spare it, and is not that amount please send as much as you can. There are several small debts which were promised to be paid the first of January, and the bills will be sent in at that time and I would wish to have them settled according to promise.

We are all enjoying good health with exception of slight colds, but they are common complaints. There is but little sickness in the city as present, and indeed no prevailing disease. We heard from Mary and Mr. Johnson (2&3) this morning. They are well, and I suppose you are aware that Mary has a young daughter. They call her Mary Emma. Mother and father (4&5) send their love to you, Aunt Eunice (6) and all the friends, and they hope to see Grandpa (7) in the Spring. Mary and Mr. J purposed spending the month of April with us and how pleasant it would be for them to meet Grandpa here. And we would also be glad to see Aunt Eunice at that time and why not bring her with you. If not convenient for her to leave home we would be much pleased to see Charlotte. (8)  My love to all the friends. Father is waiting to take this to the office. So good morning, and hoping you will oblige me.

Your affectionately,

P. F. Haskell (9)


(1)   Charles Dana son of William Dana and Polly Parkman Dana, Brother to Elizabeth Harrington Dana (Haskell) Mc Cracken.

(2)   Mary Ann Haskell Johnson, sister to Parmelia Frances Haskell

(3)   Thomas Powell Johnston, husband to sister Mary Ann.

(4)   Elizabeth Harrington Dana (Haskell) McCracken

(5)   Dr. John McCracken

(6)   Aunt Eunice is Charles Dana’s wife, Eunice Churchill Dana

(7)   William Dana who would pass away in 1851

(8)   Charlotte is Charles and Eunice Dana’s oldest daughter.

(9)   Parmelia Frances Haskell who would in 1850 marry the brother of sister Mary Ann’s husband and Live in Bucyrus, Ohio.