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News Feb. 22, 1883


Marietta Register, February 22, 1883


We might say something about the high water, but forebear.

“Social was no monomer for the gathering at Mrs. Altvater’s on Friday evening. A beautiful spring-like night, a large company. And a pleasant a time, describes it.

Our people must content themselves with the practice of the gospel at present as both the preachers are away; Elder Gunter at Matamoras and Pastor Doan at Pine Ridge.

The farm formerly known as the Valley Farm, on of the largest in this section, will be for rent in the spring.

A young gentleman from west of here had the audacity to remark the other day that Newport would probably last only so long as the houses built now last. But when the Ohio Valley R.R. comes he will see.

A party from Pittsburgh, whose name we did not learn bought the Leaser farm. It is a fine site for a fruit farm.

Our sister town of St. Marys is to have two newspapers, so we are told. Well done.

We agree with the Register that the recent floods vindicated Wiggins. But what, oh what, about March?

Our Supervisor reports more work needed than funds in hand. The study of Physiognomy is an interesting and profitable one, but what do others see in your face?

The editorial and correspondence from Florida in the Register of late have been of much interest, and orange culture, as there shown, is a profitable pursuit. But men of limited means will so well to reflect that some of the rough land of Washington County planted with Rome Beauty furnish a cheaper and more available investment.



M.W. Rea has sold out below, with produce all delivered, and we hope to see him home soon.

D.J. States expects to pass some of the classes at Pulte Medical College, Cincinnati next examination, which is food enough for a first course student.

G.W. Hendershot expects to return, with his family, to Monroe Co., soon.

Will Cook accepts his old position at Ironton and goes there again this week.

Watson Dana, Jr., returns to Montgomery county this week. His sister, Carrie will accompany him.

We learn of the death of Mrs. Andrew Friedel, of cancer. She was a lady highly respected, and a great sufferer.

Gordon Greene is daily expected from the South by his friends.

Thos. Ewart, of Marietta, visited relatives here last week.

Just as we close our notes, we learn of the death of Abaram Tidd, an old citizen of Eight Mile. He was a confirmed invalid for years.

If you notice and immediate addition to your subscription list, Probably owing to our correspondence, we may write again. W.M.D.