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The Flood of Feb 1884


The following excerpt is taken from THE JAMES BROWN GREENE FAMILY HOME, written by William V. Torner.  .

William [V. Torner] and Jennie’s first child was James Victor Hugo Torner born April 24, 1884, in the J. B. Greene home where Jennie was born in 1863.

The 1884 Ohio River flood had driven William and Jennie out of their home, and they had  taken refuge in the Adkins home with Jennie’s grandparents Isaac and Sara Jane Adkins. The flood continued to rise, surrounding the Adkins house.  Jennie was pregnant and nearing the time to deliver her baby.  William put Jennie in a skiff and they rode the flood water down to the J. B. Greene home high enough to be above flood level on the west edge of Newport.  It was while the river was still above flood stage that Jennie delivered James Victor Hugo Torner.


Marietta Weekly Leader, Tuesday, February 19, 1884



Details of the Disaster [The Flood of February 1884]

I.K. Adkins, kitchen and sheds destroyed. Loss about $480

John E. Smith’s loss is small. He lost some fence.

Mrs. Sarah Moore lost a kitchen and small house. Value $200

Wm Torner’s house was completely demolished. Loss $800

Newport Mill Company damage $1000

Joseph Strickland’s store and house was [sic. were] swept away but lodged below the town. Loss about $900

Misses Gale’s dining room, kitchen, barn and coal house were carried off or wrecked. Loss about $800

Rufus Greene lost a barn and kitchen, his house was considerably damaged. Loss $400

Mrs. Rymer lost all her worldly possessions. Value $350

P. G. Hays, wood shed, warerooms, saddlershop, barn and all of his fences were ruined. Loss $1200

E. A. Jones, merchant,; loss of warehouse, buildings and damage to goods is placed at $2500

D. H. Cree, hostler, damage to one building and property.

James Cook, hotel, tenant house and stable floated off. Loss $400

Miss E. C. Bosworth, damage to store and building $150

I. H. Bosworth, loss $200

Wilbur Rea, store building and barn off their foundation. Granary lost; damages $800

C. Wood, of Marietta, building damaged; loss $100

Wm. Barkwill, damage to house and wagon shop; $400

Thos. Stewart, undertaker, damages to house and goods, $200

J. W. Collett & Sons; loss about $500 Their shop was carried away and three houses damaged.

Rev. Starkey, household goods damaged; loss $50

George T. and C. B. Gale, physicians, office moved from foundation and medicine lost; damage $100

Mr. Tuello, house below town was carried away.

The new school building was slightly damaged.


Newell’s Run

Gilbert O’Neal is a heavy loser. One store was swept away and four or five dwelling houses; loss $1,500

Jacob Gano lost a warehouse; $200

Thomas Rowland lost grain, hay and buildings; loss $3000

Lewis Roland loses his crops; $1500

John Shaw, $600

Samuel Rowland lost one building and crops; damage $500

A. Leonard was a heavy loser. ____

--Fred Kerney