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News April 15, 1896


Matietta Times, April 15, 1896


(Crowded out last week.)

Mr. John Thomas who has been sick with consumption all winter, died at this home in Newport Saturday, April 4th, and was buried by the Jr. O. A. M., of which he was a member, the Sunday afternoon following. He leaves a wife to whom he had been married only six months. 

Miss Maggie Reynolds, daughter of Mr. John Reynolds, how has been in very poor health for a year past is much inproved and her friends are encouraged as to her recovery.

The W. F. M. S. held their yearly "thank offering" service at the home of Mrs. L. C. Ker last Saturday afternoon, when the thank offering enveloped were found to contain $10.75. 

The members of the M. E. Church at our place are contemplating the erection of a parsonage, which is very much needed. There will be a silver medal contest given under the auspices of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and will be held in the M. E. Church April 17th with ten young ladies as contestants.

The Ladies Mite Society held their annual election of officers Saturday, April 4th, which resulted in the re-election of Mrs. Julia Rea, president, "third term,"  and Madames Susie Ker, Mary Stewart and Lillian Morris, vice persidents: and Miss Susie Rea, secretary and treasurer. 

The Junior Order gave an oyster supper last Friday evening on the steamer "Evansville" while lying at our levee, and the young people enjoyed themselves hugely.

Born, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dye, and grandson to Arky Dye and wife. 

Mr. Wm. Barkwell is about to begin building two new houses on Maple Ave.

Miss Mamie Long has returned to Sistersville after a visit of some weeks to her old home in Newport. 

Miss Harkness and little son of Rural Dale, who had been visiting with the family of Mr. Richard Rea, have returned to their home.

Mrs. Johnson, of Chester Hill, is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Bailey for a few days. 

Mr. Otis Bosworth, of Allegheny, was in town last week the guest of his mother.

Misses Floss Haight and Nell Lauer were visiting with Mrs. L. A. Ferguson in the country Sunday. 

We had a beautiful Easter service in the M. E. Church Sabbath morning , and we can truly say that we live in an age of advancement so far as our choir is concerned. We are justly proud of our singers and feel that they can hardly be surpassed.

We will soon  have our new D. D. S. with us, Mr. John Becker of Cinncinati, and will say the the "Assistant D. D. S." we think fully competent - to be around anyway. 

That spring is opening, and the air becoming balmy, the streets dry and smooth, is a great boon to the "Lay Brethern," for now marble playing and quoit pitching are useful exercises, and can only be indulged in when luxuriant nature is asserting herself.

Carrie K. Chewer.