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News June 19, 1896


Marietta Times, Wednesday, June 19, 1896


(Crowded out last week)

 The class of Ninety-Six of the Newport High School held the Sixth annual Commencement at the M. E. Church June 5th, 1896. June the most beautiful month of the year in our estimation is said to be the ideal month for brides and graduates. And truly we would not wish to contemplate a more beautiful picture than one which burst upon our gaze as we entered the church upon the eventful evening of June 5th. A bevy of fair girls dressed in pure white, garlanded with beautiful roses, whose sweet faces only reflected the pure souls within, seated upon the rostrum surrounded by festoons of evergreen and rich foliage; a picture which will long remain with us in memory. The graduating class was composed of seven girls and two boys, whose motto is - "From Possibility to Reality."

 Literary Programme -

Miss Lilah Lauer, oration "Our Silent Friends,"

Miss Nora Greenwood, "Change,"

George Greene, "The Purse of Poverty,"

Miss Sylvia Snodgrass, "I slept and dreamed that Life was Beauty, I awoke and found that Life was Duty,"

Miss Henrietta Johnson, "Whitewash,"

Miss Grace Dana, "Underground,"

Raymond Hays, "Mules,"

Miss Alice Rea, essay, "We, the Heirs," and

Miss  Effie Stewart, "The March of Death."

 The several subjects were well handled and showed much thought and talent. Mr. Alvin Adkins, President Board of Education presented the Diplomas with a few adaptable remarks. The Class was honored by having on the Musical Programme a Quartet and Pianist from Marietta, Prof. and Mrs. James Bird, Miss Willa Ward and Mr. E. Frank Gates, with Mrs. Bertha D. Metcalf as Pianist, who treated us to some very fine selections both vocal and instrumental. We noticed several visitors from Marietta in the audience. Among whom we will mention the wife of Professor Smith and Mr. A.B. Little and wife

 Misses Mary and Glenna McElHinney of New London, O., are both guests of relatives here.

 Miss Nellie Scarberry, of Macksburg, is visiting Miss Carrie Ker.

 George and Louis Harness, of Sand Hill; were the guests of Marshal Rea.

 Miss Lois Dana, of Grantsville, O., is with friends in town.

 Mr. Roy Peck, of New York; will remain here with friends until after the banquet, given by the graduates, at the home of Hon. J. B. Greene.

 Miss Mamie Lang is quite ill - but her friends hope for a speedy recovery.

 Rev. C. J... Felt, our pastor of former years, but now of Waynesburg. Pa., was here attending services on Decoration Day, and giving the address to the comrades in blue.

 Carrie K Chewer